The RugbyHeads World Cup '99 Photo Archive

Brian Woolley (Tonga)

The Tongans have become somewhat infamous at this World Cup for rather "over-vigorous" tackling... Here is a prime example that was missed by the ITV camera crews (along with numerous other events, but we won't go there!). Just minutes into the England vs Tonga pool match, Brian Woolley climbed enthusiastically into a swede-and-all tackle, ripping Lawrence Dallaglio's head clean off! He is pictured here just seconds before he expertly punted Lawrie's scone forty metres up the park and into touch near the corner flag.
Dallaglio continued for a further 15 minutes before the referee noticed his injury and ordered him to the blood bin where the medical team swiftly reattached his noggin with some baling twine and a knitting needle.