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AB's thrash the Boks!!!!!
AB's thrash the Boks!!!!!
(Taine finally gets to smile)

Now there is a REAL history between these 2 mighty rugby nations. The All Blacks vs the Springboks....the ultimate in intensity, passion & commitment.

The exact statistical facts can be found elsewhere. They're not really important. Lets just say the teams have results that are basically similar. So similar in fact THAT A 30 POINT THRASHING MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE OVERALL SCHEME OF THINGS!!!!! WOO HOO!

For years we have been waiting to really nail the Bok's. At last it has happened!

Of course all it really means is that next time we play them they'll come out tougher than ever. That's just our history. And this year theirs only really one competition that matters. That of course is the World Cup.

But back to the game....the Canterbury inside back trio were simply awesome. It is so pleasing to see all 3 performing to their potential in the AB jersey. Marshall had a brilliant game. Those sniping runs, robust defence. Merhtens controlled the game superbly. Gibson incisive on attack & strong in defence.

It was a surprise to see the Otago front row under pressure...until you saw the combined weight of their opposition!!! Combined weight of 354kg's!!! Good grief!!!

Even though Robin Brooke had a good game, it would not surprise me to see Robin Brooke not in the starting line-up by the end of the tri series. A fit Royce Willis looks like a goer with the superb Norm Maxwell. Is Maxwell a maniac or what? He's a nutter! No sense of fear. Amazing.

I'm very pleased for Taine Randall as well. He had a nightmare last year. It was great to see him smile. The way he accepted defeat in the S12 final against the Crusaders really impressed me. None of the sour grapes that the Blues players showed the year before. True South Island spirit.

The jury's out on Ieremia. He's doing his job so there can't be many complaints. Cullen's speed on the wing is very impressive. He's got real gas. Should Lomu start? I reckon he's mightily impressive off the bench. Umaga hasn't done anything wrong & its a huge psychological advantage knowing that the big man is on the bench waiting to come on. Perhaps he could be used earlier in a game. That one run he did was terrifying!!

This is gonna sound strange from me.....but I have to congratulate John Hart. I've been critical of him because he and his selection panel where picking the wrong players. As such the AB's last year didn't perform so therefore deserved any criticism levelled. He has gone away and seemingly has learned from his mistakes. He's picked form players.....and surprise surprise......the AB's start performing. So well done John Hart.


Let us know what you think!

Do my eyes deceive me?  Did I just read "Well done John Hart" is a DH article?  Outrageous!  Next thing we'll be hearing reports of our Dazza with a Blue and White cell-phone inquiring about house prices in Auckland....   
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(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)