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RUGBYHEADS - Passionately one-eyed and proud of it!
Welcome to Rugbyheads! The website for the discerning Rugby fan who has had enough of the "sit-on-the-fence" attitude of the main stream rugby press and is hanging out for someone to tell it like it is!
(rugby remains the same, life moves on....)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

RIP: Jock Hobbs
(you will not be forgotten)

Thanks for everything Jock, especially your key part in winning the rights to the now historic 2011 RWC in New Zealand. You will never be forgotten, and knowing now what you were going through at the time, your appearance during the ceremony was huge.

(Super15 2012 Can QLD make it back to back)

The transformation from swill to bottled gold was achieved last year by defeating the Crusaders.  This year poses a number of challenges and opportunities and once again BT may end up crying over getting spanked again!

(Stephen Donald leads All Blacks to a RWC title, who wrote this script!?!)

Stadium of 4 million breathe a sigh of relief as their All Blacks hold out the French to take old Bill by 1 point. I have already lost my hair but how long does it take for finger nails to grow back?!?

(Including a trip to the Garden of Eden to see the semi-finals between the blacks and the wallabies)

Kiwi's everywhere breathed a collective "aaahhh" as their beloved boys in Black have done the business so far, especially to our cocky neighbours from across the ditch, and made it the the final!

(Okay so I was wrong about the French!)

Okay so this time I want to get all picks right.

The question I have is which wallaby will whisper in a kiwi's ear " 4 more years!"

(I'll stick my neck out again)

Okay so I was overconfident about the wallabies and underestimated both Ireland and Wales.  But did anyone else hear 4 million Kiwis disturb the rugby force once Dan Carter tore his groin?

A Hint for Dingo
(Well done to the Irish)

Why not use, I don't know the ####ing reserve bench.

24 Years Song
(repost, originally by Heimlich Maneuvers in the Park)

Bloody funny video! (we can't take the credit, but that never stopped us before!)

(Lets check the crystal ball)

Damn but I wish there was a better format once we hit the quarters.

Welcome to Rugbyheads

2012 brings another February with a new round of 6 Nations, Super 15 2012 about to start, and the Black Caps only half-way through their summer of cricket. Bloody madness. At least old bill is safely in the NZRFU trophy cabinet, let's see if NZ has recovered from the almightly hangover from the massive party that was the 2011 RWC, and still has an appetite for the game we love.

The Articles section (as you will see to your left) is still open to all RugbyHeads members to post their magnum opus(es), let's see if anyone other than Jules and Geeves can post something in 2012 eh?

The Articles section still got a few rough edges, but if you are already a RugbyHeads member that has contributed to the site in the past (not just to the discussion board) then you should see the My RugbyHeads link above. Check it out and get started.

If you are a member but don't see the link then let us know and we'll give you access.

If you aren't yet a member then join Rugbyheads today, it's Free! (unless you are one of the filthy spammers who keeps signing up to our board, in which case, please go away, you are not welcome here!)

Once you have joined up introduce yourself on the discussion board and get involved. Once you make the first fifteen (10 board posts) then you can start posting articles too!

Cheers, The RugbyHeads

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