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Rugbyheads RSS Feed Overview

What is RSS?

Rugbyheads offers a way to get the latest news from the site delivered directly to you, rather than you getting in trouble from your boss for coming to visit the site 900 times a day!

Like most of the rest of the web we do this using a standard called RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication.

You can read some more about RSS at whatisrss.com if you are interested in background but if you just want to get using it then read on below.

How to use the Rugbyheads RSS Feed

To receive RSS headlines you'll need to:

  1. Have a free RSS reader.

    You can choose to download a dedicated desktop reader, use existing functionality in your web browser (if you're a Firefox or Opera user) or use a web-based one (that doesn't require a software download or installation).

    There's a wide range of different RSS readers available and they work on different operating systems -

    Windows: Feedreader / Newz Crawler / FeedDemon / Awasu

    Web-based: Bloglines / Newsburst / NewsGator

  2. Copy the relevant feed URL(s) from the list below (you can choose as many as you like) and add it to your RSS reader (follow the instructions for your reader).

    Rugbyheads Discussion Board

    Latest 10 Posts for the Entire Board

    Latest 10 Posts for the General Rugby Forum

    Latest 10 Posts for the Announcements Forum

    Latest 10 Posts for the Rugbycomp and Fantasy Rugby Forum

    Latest 10 Topics Entire Board

If you are a real geek you can see the gory details on all the options on the Discussion Board RSS feed at the SimpleMachines Forum site, they are the lovely guys that write our discussion board software.

As for the rest of Rugbyheads content we will be adding feeds for the Rugby News from around the web section and the entire website shortly, stay tuned.

*Rugbyheads is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites, hell we aren't even very responsible with our own content! (we even stole the idea for this page from Yahoo!!)