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Super 12 Round 7 preview
Super 12 Round 7 preview
(Fitzy's view)
The weather is not looking too great this week.

Rain could spoil a big turnout for The BLUE'S. Eden Park is not good under foot, as the cricketers found out a few weeks ago. An injury cloud hangs over Adrian Cashmore, but Carlos Spencer returns to the bench.

All going well,the Blues should have a big win in preparation for the Highlanders next week. Gordon Hunter, the video king, is now getting the credit he deserves. Davin Heeps has made a big difference at lineout time. Troy Flavell will also be rested,after a stray elbow in the mouth. The depth in the forwards means Charles Riechelmann will get a run in his place.

Still some work to do in the backline, Ai'i is still giving us a few nightmares, but he recovered well to score, after an initial fumble, last week. His line kicking is also on the improve, and with Spencer ready to return,the backline has a good look about it. Expect a 13+ scoreline.

Meanwhile, at the Railyard in the capital, THE CANES hope to turn things around after last weeks fizzer.

Rain is also expected, but what else is new, maybe some wind!!

The Crusaders defence has been shaky this season, plenty of high scoring games. They are yet to put in that 80 minute performance. I expect them to be on fire this time around. So, i've got $25 on the Canes to take out the chimps, sorry champs.

The Highlanders vs the Brumbies,who can pick this one?

My heart is with Goldies crew, but the heads says "maybe not". Another high scorer,but maybe the home defence a wee bit better.

The woeful Chiefs are in Hamilton this time, and with Matt Cooper giving Glen Jackson some kicking tips mid week, maybe, just maybe, the poor Wattalaughs will make it 4 in a row.(poor Barge)

As usual the other games are not worth a mention...


Let us know what you think!

Ah Fitzy, you are wasting your money again betting against the Crusaders is not the way to make a profit!
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