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Super 12 Round 8 Preview
Super 12 Round 8 Preview
(Fitzy's view)
Super 12, Round 8 and its all go on Friday nite at the home of the Blues.

The Highlanders are in town. Now, i'm trying to forget last week ever happened and look forward to a Blues victory. History is against the visitors, no Otago team has had a win here since 1976.

At the time of writing, the referee is unknown. Wouldn't it be great if it was Colin Hawke!! Now, that would be it, game set and match. I'm thinking of investing in several Colin Hawke-Blowup Dolls, positioning them on the touch line, even letting them "blow a whistle"and say "Penalty Try" every now and then!

Not that we need to resort to underHansie tactics. The weather has been pretty good in town this week, so the track should be in good nick. The Blues have got plenty of flack this week, on radio and TV. Coach Gordon Hunter got a grilling on TV from Murray Deaker. I'm backing Gordon 100%, he was not to blame, those useless Blues backs were the main problem.

At Blues training tonite,there were some familiar faces on the touchline. My namesake "Sean" was there and Michael Jones. Fox was there as usual, all we needed was Zinny. Now there would be a good investment to get into the coaching squad.

Several changes in both sides, some due to injury. Carlos Spencer starts the game,and Ai'i, moves to Fullback. Doug Howlett returns on the wing, as does "two try Troy" in the forwards. Also, Blowers is out, and Dylan Mika gets his first start of the year. If the forwards play "like normal" and the backs show some spark, we should see some thrilling rugby.

Spencer will make a big difference at five-eight, but Ai'i at fullback can expect "plenty". Mark Ellis is opposite Spencer for the Highlanders, an interesting selection. He last played there in that debacle against the "Poms" in 1993. Goldie is at fullback, so hopefully, he won't see the ball, unless its sailing between the sticks. So,i'm picking a high scoring game, with the odd "penalty try"and a "home win".

As usual, I'm still backin the Chiefs to get their 2nd win, in Rotorua. The smell should help gas the Bulls. I hope someone has shown Glen Jackson how to drop-kick, otherwise the next one will be on him. Todd Miller returns at fullback. The Bulls have never won away from Pretoria,so lets keep it that way.

I'm pickin the Wattalaughs to upset the Brumbies, and the REDS over the Stormers.

The big game on Sunday morning, and I'll be in the South Island at the time, Sharks vs Crusaders. Well, I want to get out alive, so "good luck" lads and I hope you do well.

The Sharks have really been crap since they got home, a draw with the Bulls!!!, I mean to say, and a loss to Mains' Craps, I mean Cats. On paper, you would have to say the Crusaders, on paper remember!!


Let us know what you think!

Picking the Watalaughs over the Bambis!?! There is a big call, has Barge paid you off???
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