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AB's kick some Pommy Arse!
AB's kick some Pommy Arse!
(3.7 Million people breath a sigh of relief)

God that was satisfying!!!!! The English rugby team make a habit of getting under everybody's skins. It's one thing being arrogant...but you actually have to put the performances on the board to back all the words up. NZ'ers regard the Bok's as arrogant. But at least South Africans can look at their proud record & back any claims up. What can the Pom's do? Sweet Chariot???...Naaaaa.......Sweet FA more like.

It seemed everybody outside of England where hoping for an AB victory & boy did they get it.

With this win the AB's take a big step forward for the title. We are now on the easier side of the draw. The Pom's have to face the might of the Bok's and the Wallabies to even hope of making the final.

Mighty Mehrts had a brilliant game, as did Reuben Thorne. Maxwell was his usual nutter self!!! WHAT A REVELATION CULLEN IS AT CENTRE!!! Consider me shocked & stunned. HE ACTUALLY PASSED TO HIS OUTSIDES!! AMAZING!!!! He is also blessed with natural speed. I would prefer to see Daryll Gibson inside of him though. Gibson offers more options than April (joke!). Although I guess Aprils experience counts in his favour. Craig Dowd was another who seems to have shaken his previously lethargic play. He actually now looks worthy of his place in the team. Hope Keeus gets well soon tho. What can you say about King Josh that hasn't been said before??? Surely now he has to be rated the best openside we have ever had.

GOOD ON YOU LOMU!!!! The big man cops a lot of flak...but when he is on his game he is unstoppable!! The Pom's seem to have kittens every time they see him. From all reports the British Press Wankers have been giving him a very rough time. They are the biggest bunch of whingeing bastards you're ever likely to meet. It's there arrogance that enhances any victory against England. Statistics prove England only win 1 match in 5 against the AB's.....a 20% strike rate. Yeah, you guys are the best!

I offer no apologies for my gloating. The English rugby team, supporters & press deserve everything they get.

GO THE AB'S!!!!!!!


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I would have thought a victory lap by the Poms was in order....  After all - they only lost by 14 points!
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