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Picking the Matchups
Picking the Matchups
(Riding the Hidings!)

Ok, so now that you have increased your team value to the point that you can afford any player you like, and you know exactly which positions you should be spending your cash on. It's time to fine tune your team to get the maximum performance each week so you can score some of those cool FantasyRugby.com prizes and try and catch the high flying Rugbyheads!

Early on in the competition the Guru mentioned that the players (particularly the forwards) on any team who is playing the Cats tend to have huge fantasy weeks. This is because the Cats forward pack are one of the best at holding onto and recycling the ball, requiring the opposition team to do a power of tackling.

Obviously this type of advice doesn't just apply to the Cats opponents, so we have put together some general tips on how to take fantasy advantage of the Super12 team matchups each week.

Every round there seems to be at least two or three matchups where one team is strongly favoured to dominate the match (Unfortunately for the South Africans they seem to be the ones on the wrong end of these hidings!). While there are obviously still great fantasy performances to be had from the players involved in the tough matchups we will focus on the more one-sided contests to demonstrate what to look for:

From the favoured team

Obviously the favoured team is likely to score more points. This means more tries, most probably to the outside backs, and more goal kicking opportunities, generally to the goal-kicking inside backs, and those few valuable outside backs who kick goals (if you don't know who they are then you haven't been paying attention!).

Less obviously the favoured team is likely to enjoy better field position which will require the opposition to kick the ball to touch, giving more lineout opportunities to the locks and hookers on the stronger team.

From the underdog team

As mentioned above the team who spends a lot of the game on defense is going to rack up a power of tackles, even if they do let in a few tries (which doesn't really matter since there is currently no penalty for missing tackles). This tackling is going to be done by the forwards mainly, with quite a bit of help from the inside backs.

One very important Fantasy scoring opportunity that is only available to the team who doesn't have the ball is the turnover. This little gem is worth 5 Fantasy points and should not be underestimated. While any of the defending players may be in a position to force a turnover the most likely contributors are loose forwards (who get to the breakdown early), locks (who have a chance to win the oppositions lineout throw) and outside backs who often are the last line of defence and may force the ball carrier into touch or have a chance to grab the ball after the tackled player releases it.

If you have the cash then you are probably best to go for the performers on the strongest teams (especially when they are favoured to win) but if you are struggling to find a cheap option to fill out your lineup then check out the underdogs, you may just find a fantasy stud on the wrong side of this weeks hiding!


Let us know what you think!

Hmmm, my Crusaders are going to paste the Cats this weekend so I guess they will all score 100 Fantasy points each based on this advice!!

Next week should see Bob's Your Uncle rocketing to the top of the table!

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