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Brumbies spank the 'Canes
Brumbies spank the 'Canes
('Good' Friday, my bottom!)
It was hard to know which was the crappier sporting spectacle of Friday night: the league test, or the pathetic loss by the Hurricanes to the ACT Bumblies.

Yes....the league test was terrible, but it's not like league is a real sport or anything.

Essentially, the Bumbies are a better team, but that isn't going to prevent me from completely trashing the men in gold's performance. Again, as against Auckland and the Cats, the Hurricanes couldn't get any ball. The Jonah Lomu try in the first half was completely against the run of play.

By contrast, the early try to Brumhole fullback Joe Roff was the result of a series of controlled, multi-phase attacks which wore down the Wellington defense, before allowing Roff to sidestep around the battered remains of the Hurricane's forwards.

Clever stuff.

Some truly godawful passing led to an intercept try to Bumfluff wing Mark Bartholomeuz, and ACT were leading 26-16 at half-time. There was a feeling of inevitability about the match, even at this stage. The same old problems were recurring: lack of discipline, lack of possession and Jason O'Halloran's comb-over.

As the second half started, the visitors were well and truly on the defensive again.

ACT spent a good proportion of it in the Hurricane's half, and Mortlock knocked over two penalty goals to consolidate their lead. This was helped, of course, by the fact that Afeaki had been conveniently sin-binned very late in the first half, for a high shot. Nice one, eediot.

TiaTia managed to score from an attacking line-out (thanks to the video referee - a bit dodgy, that one), but when Brumchum second-five wondertrousers Rod Kafer dropped a goal and then scored a try, it was all over bar the swearing. Oh...there was a late consolation try to the Hurricanes by Holwell blah blah....

Final score: 47-28 to the horse-humpers from Canberra. (Sore loser?...moi?).


Let us know what you think!

Aye Ben, on the whole there has been bugger all to be thankful for on the sporting front this easter, thank god for beer and chocolate...
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