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Crusaders vs Cats: A Live Commentary!
Crusaders vs Cats: A Live Commentary!
(Albeit a few days late...)
Cone Stadium.   23/04/2000  0:05 NZST
Jules Want a beer?
Wobbly All right...  Thanks.
Wobbly Hey....  Isn't this the Monteiths I brought?
Jules Yep.
Wobbly Bastard.
Spidey *farts*
Jules The Pussies could be tough.  That's pretty much the 'boks loosies in their starting lineup.
Wobbly True.  But you're still a bastard.
Jules Thanks...  Awww cripes Spidey!
Jules Game's starting.  Open up those chips.
Spidey *crunch*
Erasmus charges down a Mehrtens kick, collects the bounce and hands the ball to Mulder who scores an easy try
Wobbly Shit.
Mehrtens slots a couple of penalties.
Jules Ahhh...  As long as we stay in touch with a few penalties and stay in touch, we can weather the storm and come back.
Wobbly Yeah...  But Mehrts is looking a bit rattled....
Jules He'll get over it.
Wobbly Gidday SG...  You're a bit late.
SG Sorry lads.  Got pulled over for speeding on the mountainbike.
Spidey *burp*
Erasmus hoofs the ball through the Crusaders backline, charges after it, dives on it and pops it to Vos who passes superbly to Esterhuizen.  Try time for the Pussies...
Wobbly SHIT!
SG Useless!!  Bloody hopeless.  They're playing like crap.
Jules Yup.  But we're still in touch.  21-12 isn't too bad for a half time score.  We can come back from this
Wobbly Crap we can...  *mutter mutter*  But then, they did it last year against the Pussies.
Spidey has a leak and the second half starts
Jules Well, I think that if we score first we can win this.
Reams scores in the corner for the Cats
Jules Bugger.
The Cats add six more through penalties to Koen
Jules Double bugger
Wobbly No thanks Jules...
Wobbly Hopeless.   They're playing like a High School team.  It's utter crap!  Send them all off!!  Bollocks!
SG Crap crap crap!
The Crusaders score a try!
Spidey Woohoo!
Jules Oooh oooh ooooh!  *punches SG*
SG Ouch...
Hennie le Roux is a naughty boy and is sent to do his penance in the sin bin.
Jules What a bugger  *smiles*
SG Damn shame...  *grins back*
Spidey *farts joyously*
The Crusaders storm back to within 3 points in the space of 5 minutes thanks to a try to So'oalo (off a pass that went only a couple of metres forward) and a piece of sublime backplay which led to a try to Leon McDonald.
Wobbly Unbelievable..!   What a team!
Jules No other team could come back like this!  Go the Crusaders!
SG Wooooohooo!!  What awesome form!  Amazing tries.  Another one and we've got it in the bag.
Jules What a night!  And Vidiri scored four times for my fantasy team!
Wobbly Bastard.
The Cats kick two more penalties... And Delport scores a try after some scrappy backplay by the once mighty Crusaders
SG They're useless
Wobbly Hopeless.
Jules Terrible.  What a pathetic effort.
Spidey yep.
Wobbly Shut up Spidey.  You've been bloody yabbering all bloody night.
Delport scores again.
SG Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!   50 points!!
Wobbly I could go off watching sport actually...
SG Same here.
Jules Happy Birthday Spides.....
OldFartSpidey Gee thanks Jules.
The boys slump sadly off to their respective beds at their respective houses...

FINAL SCORE:  Crusaders 31 -  54   Cats


Let us know what you think!

Great to see such balanced commentary and loyal undying support from my fellow RugbyHeads yet again. Between you and me though, I think Spidey should lay off the spicy food...
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