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Blues sneak past the Sharks
Blues sneak past the Sharks
(Fitzy does some ball-gazing)
Well this was an important result for the Blues.

A comfortable win, 30-19 on the scoreboard. But did they make hard work of it.

That wally du Toit, was actually kicking goals, how dare he! All even at 1/2 time, 10-10.

Second-half and Wally was still kicking goals and the Blues were still non-urgent. Hunter was using the bench really well, even took the Skipper off, a crusaders innovation by the way.

Anyway, it worked, from a nothing backline move, Howlett zoomed through a gap, and Vidiri(held the pass) finished it under the sticks. Just to make sure of the win, Dowd scored another, handy to the posts. Someone must have inspired him, cause he was pointing the finger at the crowd.

This try brought back 1996 again and the brilliant effort at Newlands. There followed a rather long injury time, but the Blues defence was up to it. Cashmore got man of the match. Another good kicking display, including a brilliant try.

With the Reds losing out in injury time to the Cats, the Blues are now b


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The reason subbing the skipper off for the Blues helped them is because the skipper is Robin "Grandpa" Brooke!
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