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Brumby Tactics Analysed
Brumby Tactics Analysed
(Pictorial Proof of Bad Boy Brumbies)
There has been considerable scrutiny of Brumby tactics during the Super12 this year, In particular the tactics employed during backline moves. Some call them innovative and revolutionary, others call it plain old cheating. Whichever you choose, the multiple decoy angle running really works.

At RugbyHeads we have analysed the strategy of the cunning boys from the Aussie Capital territory very carefully and we are pretty confident we have those nasty little men sorted out. They do cheat, and it is a fact that we have obtained photographic evidence to prove it.

At this stage we have concrete evidence of two methods the brumbies have employed which we believe are not within the laws of the game.

Click here for the evidence

Illegal Pass
Click here for the evidence


Let us know what you think!

I knew it! How else could a team be ahead of my magnificent Crusaders on points without emplying those naughty-boy tactics!
I bet Hansie Cronje has a tenner on the Bambi's too!
Supposedly this article has been viewed times since we bothered to start counting*.
(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)