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A rare focus on the Failures
A rare focus on the Failures
(A team of fantasy flops)

If you are anything like me when you first check your Fantasy Rugby results for the weekend on Monday afternoon you scan down your players to see who had big weeks. Sure you curse out the guys that didn't perform for you, and you may even drop them for the following week, but if they have performed in the past the tendency is to give them just one more chance. (Especially when you only have a few transfers to play with!)

I just took a quick scan through the non-performers (who actually played!) from last round and I was pretty surprised to see some big names on the list, let's check them out.

Joe Roff - started the game but went off injured. score: 0, Andrew Walker - played but not in the action much. score: 1, Joeli Vidiri - no 4 try bags this week. score: 0.5, Mark Hammett - played most of the game. score: 8.5, Aaron Mauger - played the first 60 minutes in his first start. score: -3 (ouch!), Matt Burke - the super boot didn't get a lot of chances. score: 11, Tinus Delport - may have been a hero in the game but not fantasy-wise. score: 5, Marc Ellis -ok, so he hasn't been a fantasy star but over 6% of you still have him on your squad, (which is more than own the 10th best outside back overall, Vidiri!) score: -6, John Eales - a shocking week for the Wallaby captain. score: 5, the entire Hurricanes team - OK a bit harsh, but there some big fantasy stars on this team (Vanisi, Holwell, Cullen and Tito) and none of them even had average weeks.

What does this tell us? Well for one thing it tells you the Fantasy Rugby ball is the same shape as a real rugby ball, and just as unpredictable!

A lot of people playing Fantasy Rugby had picked all those guys last week, and you have to assume it was because they expected them to perform. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart!

The Rugbyheads conference would like to wish all the teams the best of luck going into the final round, it's been a great inaugural Fantasy Super12, we look forward to many more! (Oh and, go the Swede Eaters!)


Let us know what you think!

Don't talk to me about #@$@#! Mauger's fantasy performance, more like a bloody nightmare!
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