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Exclusive: THE 2000 All Black Squad
Exclusive: THE 2000 All Black Squad
(well ok, it's our crack at picking it...)
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Well it had to be done. Every man, woman, child and Auckland supporter in the country has got their opinions on who should be in the 2000 All Black squad, and the Rugbyheads are no different.

We have picked two starting 15's, a likely and a what-we-would-like-to-see, and also identified the likely reserves that will make up the full 26 man squad. Where a player can cover more than one position we have listed these with the positions they can cover in ( ) after their names.

(Predicted) 2000 All Black team
(Rugbyheads) 2000 All Black team
Player Position (No.) Reserves   Player Position (No.) Reserves
Cullen 15     Cullen 15  
Lomu 14 Howlett (11,14,15)   Lomu 14 Ralph (11,14,15)
Robinson 13 Ieremia (12,13)   Robinson 13 Ieremia (12,13)
O'Halloran 12 Gibson (11 - 15)   Gibson (11 - 15) 12 Ranby (12,13)
Umaga 11     Umaga 11  
Mehrtens 10 Brown   Mehrtens 10 Brown
Kelleher 9 Marshall   Kelleher 9 Marshall
Cribb 8     Cribb 8  
Robertson 7 Kronfeld   Robertson 7 Kronfeld
Randell (6,8) 6 Thorne   Thorne 6 Randell (6,8)
Maxwell 5 Flavell (4,5)   Maxwell 5 Flavell (4,5)
Blackadder (C) 4     Blackadder (C) 4  
Meeuws 3 Somerville (1,3)   Meeuws 3 Somerville (1,3)
Oliver 2 Hammett   Hammett 2 Oliver
Dowd (1,3) (VC) 1 Hoeft   Dowd (1,3) (VC) 1 Hoeft

Other names that have been thrown around in various sources include: Pita Alatini, Adrian Cashmore, Kupu Vanesi, Gordon Slater & Greg Feek. While a case can be made for all these guys we're not sure they will make the final squad.

So there you have it. Feel free to tell us what a bunch of clueless dorks we are and who we should have actually picked on the Discussion Board!


Let us know what you think!

Not quite enough Canterbury representation in the squad for my liking, that Ben Hurst guy should be a bolter for the AB squad after last week! (at the expense of Warren Kelleher of course...)
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