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All Blacks vs Scotland @ the garden of Eden
All Blacks vs Scotland @ the garden of Eden
(Fitzy's view from the "covered" stands)
Saturday arrived with a lot of late morning fog, but no rain, great, its goin to be a cracker tonite.

Jimmy(fitzy 2) went out and bought her face paint and pole for her large flag. It was gettin near time to leave,so I tuned into the curtain raiser and couldn't believe it,"Rain". Damn Auckland weather, there's 30pts off the score. Off we went, Jimmy looked fearsome with her St Andrews flag, scarf and the blue and white cross painted over her face. Gosh, I'd think twice before I kissed her tonite.

We had a slight hiccup with Security at the gate, they thought Jimmy's flagpole was an offensive weapon, bye bye flagpole, bloody wally's. Got seated and to our good fortune, the roof of the main stand actually doglegs and covered us completely, a covered stand seat for $45.

Plenty of Scottish supporters are at hand, much to Jimmy's delight. Two in particular, kilts, beer and plenty of foul talk that kept me laughing the whole match. These 2 guys never came to watch the match, that's for sure. Out runs Scotland, the crowd " Och Ayes" and then comes Josh, more "Och Ayes, even louder. The atmosphere is great as the national anthems ring out. Kamate, kamate and we are into it.

The game has been going at a furious pace, real body on the line stuff. The AB's are up by 5 after about 20m and our 2 kilted friends decide its time for the Mexican wave. So, a wee pep talk begins, to all those close by. After a couple of false starts, "magic" its away, goin round as Cribb scores, much to our delight. A good burst by Lomu sets it up. This was timely for Lomu as he'd been gettin plenty of compliments from our corner, which I was happy to remind everyone about afterwards.

Its half time and Dobbo comes out to warm everyone with another song. We are feelin rather dry in our "covered stand" seats and rather warm from our "kilted friends" humour. Jimmy feels Scotland deserved a try in the 1st half and is rewarded early in the 2nd half. Our 2 kilted friends actually have their backs turned at this stage. They are trying to orchestrate another "wave" and miss the try.

At this point Scotland lift their game and after an AB effort, they score again. The All Blacks need to regroup, by my calculations Scotland are winning the 2nd half 14-7, much to Jimmy's glee.

Soon normality is resumed and our 2 kilted pals are back to foul hoorays and more false starts. They are gettin annoyed that the wave won't kick-start past the goalposts. Soon the game is a "Bogey", well, to some anyway and we are off for a few wee drams.

Jimmy's face is still attracting attention at the bar, some of it "unwanted". So now she is goin back to being an AB supporter for the Tri Series and tell Scotland," will ye no come back again".


Let us know what you think!

Top effort Fitzy, glad you enjoyed the game and kept dry! Commiserations to Jimmy, your lads fought bravely, as always, but lost, as usual...
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