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TriNations Comp : Round 3
TriNations Comp : Round 3
(The best laid plans...)

So how many people managed to make it to round 3 without getting stuck with any non-playing chumps on their roster in either of the previous rounds? With 6 transfers a week it seemed like it would be pretty easy to avoid that situation, that is unless you didn't count on injuries and Wayne Smith's wonderful (but bloody unpredictable!) squad selection policy.

I figured I had it sussed, picking 6 AB's and 4 Aussies in the first round would mean I could swap the Aussies for South Africans in round two and save a couple of transfers for the later rounds. Nice idea, of course I wasn't counting on Robertson and Ieremia getting dropped now was I! So I had to use all 6 transfers in round two to get rid of those guys, picking up Erasmus in Robertson's place with the plan that I could save a transfer after round two. That would have been fine if wildman Erasmus hadn't gone and fractured his ribs, forcing me to blow all my transfers again to get rid of the dead wood.

So what to do for round 3? I have 4 SA's on my squad, $9.9m burning a hole in my pocket (because I was cunning enough to offload all the boys that weren't playing the next week immediately after the round freeze) and 6 roster spots to fill.

Since the Aussies play again next week I can potentially save myself some transfers by not buying any more SA players this round. Therefore the plan is to buy 6 Aussies, but not all of them straight away. I'll wait until the team is named (on Wednesday I believe) so that I can guarentee I am going to buy starters who will be playing, especially with all the injury reports flying around the Aussie camp. Of course I want to try and get some bargins in the hope that I can increase my team value, so I will take a punt on someone who I expect to play and will be popular, someone like special agent Stirling Mortlock.

With a bit of luck that should set me up for another productive round and keep me in the hunt for the big prize, in this TriNations competition I think anyone who is currently on 500+ points has got a good shot at cracking the top 10 if things go well. We shall see!

If you are relatively new to the Fantasy Rugby game then be sure to check out the rest of our Fantasy section. Most of our advice from earlier competitions still applies, why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from someone elses!


Let us know what you think!

Me thinks special agent Mortlock could use some help from Agent Q. Maybe a laser targetting system for his kicking boots and a grappling hook to latch onto big Jonah as he brushes him aside on his way to the tryline would help improve his 006(ux) rating!
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