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Ref Report: Wobblies vs Boks
Ref Report: Wobblies vs Boks
(An excessively average performance)
Mr. Ed Morrison (England)

The Rugby gods play tricks with us... and laugh!

How else could you explain the Ed-myster being in charge of this match? This was a made for British Referee match... it was lousy!

No, really I'm not just saying that... I didn't like the game that much at all. I didn't even watch the second half, and I hear that that when most of the ex-"citing" bits happened!

But lets be fair, this is one of those games that only a true rugby believer could enjoy, and then preferably one on the winning side.

Last week, I stayed on for the second half of a videoed game that I knew the score of! I actually found the 2nd half interesting, in a hard grinding forward battle kind of way.

But credit where its due:

  • Hasn't Nick Mallet got those Springbok backs looking ordinary?

  • Didn't the Aussie backs play those double around moves smoothly (damn I hate it when that happens!)

  • And doesn't a British Referee know how to take a limping, breathless, wreak of a game, and strangle the last remaining life out of it?

  • It was a perfectly adequate, sometimes inspired display from Mr. Morris-dancer, but really he didn't do the game any favours.

    He penalised everything that went wrong, and there was a lot of it!

    He thought that he had the scrum under control, but he was only fooling himself.

    Penalties were Wallabies 5, Springboks 9 - and that's just the first half remember!

    The Australians' were the normal test match fare: Not rolling away from the tackle, High tackle, Retaliation with a punch, Over the top, sorry I forget the other one.

    Most of the South African's appeared to be from trying too hard: Over the top, Interference in line-out, Hand in ruck, Late tackle, Cross over/accidental offside, Not releasing, In from the side of the ruck (x2), Playing man without the ball.

    What can you do?

    I went to bed!


    Let us know what you think!

    Well at least Eddie kept up with the game I guess...! No doubt all that Morris dancing keeps him fit. Bit I do wonder if all his experience at waving a hanky above his head and looking like a tosser better qualifies him to be a touch judge!
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