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Ref Report: Canterbury vs Auckland
Ref Report: Canterbury vs Auckland
(Don't throw a Paddy!)
Auckland vs Canterbury
Eden park
Friday 7:35 pm
Paddy O'Brien

So, where do you start with that one. Did anyone catch the number of that TJ? You know the blond one!

There was a bit of bagging of Paddy at Cone Stadium, especially in the first half. Unfortunately he was mostly doing his job. Were there too many errors? Were there too many forward passes? Which ones got pinged? Damn it, I hate it when that happens!

I noted down the penalties again, but it doesn't really tell much of a tale. I think that this is definately a "things that hurt the most" story.

The knock on/lost forward from Robin Brooke that lead to the try in the corner: How do you miss that?

Easy really:
firstly post the TJ behind the try line.
Secondly make sure the Ref is too far behind the play to be able to see what's going on.
Thirdly do a good job of picking up a loose ball and dive into the corner!

There will be two schools of thought about Devine, the Auckland half-back. Auckland fans will say that he was quick and wiley, and was in Marshall's face the whole game.

Cantab fans will say how much off-side can one man get away with? Too much!

Doesn't matter! He was doing his job. If he got a bit too off-side, at least he did it while Paddy was busy checking out the Auckland back-line. Off-side is important after all!

And if I hear Paddy say "Sorry" one more time... Doesn't he know that he is wasting his time with forwards. They aren't going to get all sweaty eyed and have to be subbed off. You have to ruck a forward, hard! on the head! for it to hurt.

Actually I am wrong there, it only hurts if a forward gets rucked on the scone, and doesn't earn a penalty!

But enough of that. Happy, happy, joy, joy! We won. We WON!

By the way, how many seconds had the game gone 80 minutes before Paddy blew for full time. The R&Bs didn't even have a chance to think they had won this, before the final whistle went. Thank the deity for that!

Paddy, you just can't get good help these days, so keep up the play.



Let us know what you think!

Paddy had a shocker really, but since we won we will let him off!

If we had lost though I would have been sending Greg Feek around to defecate on Paddy's door mat!

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