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Canterbury vs Auckland
Canterbury vs Auckland

Canterbury's winning streak continues!!!!

Now its blatantly obvious that its IMMENSELY satisfying EVERYTIME Canterbury beats Auckland. Its like everything is right in the world. The clouds seem especially fluffy the day after ANOTHER victory. Birds chirp louder. It's just as if somebody up there is saying "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, take that Auckland!"

The sacred scribe that is the Christchurch Press commented on Friday that Auckland up until 1997 did have a 10 year, 15 game winning streak against the mighty Cantabs. Doesn't that all seem like such a long time ago though? I remember as a wee fella buying a match program for a Canterbury v's Auckland game. It must have been around 1986 I think. According to that publication, at that time Canterbury v's Auckland head-to-head was almost equal. Basically 50-50. But then the dark times came when evil ruled the NPC...

However since 1997 the Cantabs have won 5 straight NPC games. Chuck in the past 3 S12 games and your looking at a serious reduction in Auckland's advantage over Canterbury. Yes, the old rivalry is far from dead!!! Good will always overcome evil.....

: - )

What I enjoyed most from the Sky coverage of the game on Friday night was hearing Tony Johnstone & John Drake's commentary go from mildy ecstatic when it looked like the Aucks might pull off a flukey, touch judge inspired win...to a more resigned "Bugger, not again!!!" type of commentary. What was also hilarious was Gibbo's post match interview when he took the piss out of Justin Marshall by saying at last one of his moves that he practices all the time actually worked!!! Of course the usual whinging from the Auckland captain..."We had the game in the bag...*sob sob boo hoo*...".

I feel that touch judge on the far side of the field in the second half should consider giving himself a severe uppercut for the most incompetent call probably in the history of the game. Robin Brooke did not just knock the ball on, he cynically head-butted Leon "Spud" MacDonald in the process. When Paddy asked him what he'd seen his response was brilliant..."Nothing". I'm sure he also said "You mean I'm a touch judge?..WOW!". Prat.

Anyway all the usual Canterbury superstars did the business. Gets kinda monotonous crapping on about how brilliant they are....so I won't!

Instead I'II focus on the worst player in the history of the game. Marika Vuninbaka. Yes the man can run. He can even run fast. Real fast. If only he could catch and tackle at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man's got mammaries for hands!!!!!!! His nickname is Teflon..nothing sticks! DROP HIM FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! Bring on Ben Blair. The kids gonna be a superstar. Just get him in there.

Another person whom I do think deserves a huge rap is Sam Broomfeld. Yes Ron Cribb has gone back to NPC duties for North Harbour, but Sammy has just come in all guns-a-blazin!! So much so Cribb ain't missed at all. He reminds me of a smaller Norm Maxwell. An absolute nutter on the field throwing himself about not giving a stuff about his physical well being. A typical Canterbury Country player in fact. Great stuff!!!!

Just before I sign off, Waikato are screwed!!! They will lose the shield this year. Only a matter of time.


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You forgot to mention how great it is to have Clueless Spencer back as well!

He actually played quite well but it's just so great to have a player you hate so much playing on the opposition!

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