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FR NPC Round #5
FR NPC Round #5
(The Lottery continues...)

Well round four is in the bag and it's still a lottery to pick the top performers of each week. I love it!

Some of the big performers from earlier weeks had off weeks, in particular Northland supermen Justin Collins (posted a modest 29) and hitman Robbie Johnson (who didn't even play), as expected some of the returning All Blacks posted good scores (Lomu, Cullen, Marshall, Thorne, Robertson, Flavell and Cribb in particular) but not all of them (captain consistent Todd Blackadder only managed 24, including only 6 tackles).

Throw in some surprise performers like Craig Newby (55) and David Hill (71) and you have a recipe for confusion!

What this does show is that there are plenty of options out there to help you post a big score and if you are trailing the leaders in your conference there is no excuse (and no reason) for picking the same guys as the team you are trying to catch!

I have seen a few messages on the Rugbyheads conference board asking for tips on getting your team value up higher. If you need some help in that department then be sure to check out the Fantasy Rugby archive on the Rugbyheads site, the advice that we offered in the Super 12 competition earlier in the year still applies now, as they say, only the names have changed...

The matchups this week look like the closest yet, with only Otago likely to win comfortably at home against Northland (and that's no guarentee with the way Otago have been playing!). Expect huge defense to be a feature in every game and target the guys with the high defensive work rate and you can't go wrong.

As a Canterbury supporter I was wrapped with the result against Auckland, but was disgusted with Marika Vunibaka's efforts in the game. It's nice to see that he was rewarded suitably in the Fantasy Rugby world too, as he posted a grand score of -8! I bet he wishes he was back playing sevens after that effort!


Let us know what you think!

My team is full of Cantabs and even I dropped Vunibaka after that effort! Pitiful...
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