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Referee Roundup
Referee Roundup
(Farewell to Steve Walsh Snr)
Mr. Steve Walsh Snr (North Harbour)
Mr. Glenn Wahlstrom (Auckland)
Mr. Paul Honis (Auckland)

Should it be a surprise that our country's major metropolis should supply a fair chunk of Refereeing talent?

Should it be a surprise that Steve Walsh Snr retired after the Wellington Auckland game, and we didn't even realise that he had Refereed 103 first class matches?

To Steve Walsh: thanks for all the hard work.

I didn't watch that game, so I can't comment on his last outing, but I have always had a lot of time for Mr. Walsh.

A few seasons ago he was turning up as often as Paddy seems to these days. He was doing a good enough job to make the younger Steve Walsh look very inexperienced indeed!

But now he will no more grace the centre stage - and that's a shame!

Glenn Wahlstrom refereed the Taranaki vs. Canterbury match (9/9/00). He played a game similar to Taranaki's - looking quite competent on the surface, but fundamentally flawed!

Taranaki looked quite able to ruck and maul their possession, but couldn't seem to finish, or repulse more than 4 waves of pick and go.

So too did Mr. Wahlstrom manage to play excellent advantage, and stamp his mark on foul play around rucks and mauls (especially players leaving their feet whilst driving over the top of a player), while it took him 31 minutes to decide to sort out the front rows, and the first forward pass he noticed was in the 65th (ish) minute.

Add to this looking like a complete pratt running sidestep to the kick-off spot, whilst asking Gibbo what he wanted to do about the not 10 m kick off, and you end up with a fairly average display.

Mr. Paul Honis was reffing the Canterbury vs. Southland "try feast" (16/9/00) and can the guy talk?!?

No that's one of those there rhetorical questions! Yes the guy can talk, that in itself is not the problem.

I want you to understand that it isn't just a quantity issue, I wouldn't really care if he spoke too much, if it were "worthwhile". But a lot of what he has to say is completely unnecessary.

So Mr. Honis, at the risk of coining a phrase, "Shut the fu*k up!"

You have to remember that it is not the good things that people remember, it is the stupid annoying things (this is the reason my wife looks so lovingly at me when I arrive home!).

So cut the crap, and give me less to write about.

Go on... I double-dog dare ya!!!


Let us know what you think!

Ah yet another opportunity to bag Paul Honis eh? How could SG resist... 8)

Hear, hear on the fine career for Steve Walsh Snr too, the Rugbyheads salute you!

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