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All Blacks beat the French
All Blacks beat the French
(..but jeez Wayne!)
ABs vs France
Stade de France
Saturday 11/11/00
Referee: Formerly the best Referee in the World - Wayne Erickson

Wait... I've got a prediction! I think that everyone is going to be pissed off with Wayne Erickson!

Remember that you heard it here first - Rugbyheads brings you the big news!

Wayne Erickson is going to be "Paul Honiss"ed, he will be covered by so much ridicule that he will need a truely large ego to survive the experience! Oh that's right he's Australian - he should be alright then.

He will rue the day that he rushed out onto "le Stad" without his brain!

Stupid, stupid... STUPID man!!!

Alright are you satisfied yet? You want just a little more? OK, don't say I never give you anything (no... DON'T say it!)

Comments heard at Cone Stadium:

JC on the penalty against the AB's scrum pushing across - when the French half-back was clearly offside?

"That's bollocks!"

AT at the end of the game.

"I'm shocked by the pathetic refereeing display!"

So where did it all go wrong. One word sums things up nicely - Pedantic!

There were 7 scrumming penalties that I noted, and many of them were those "well I don't know what really went on in there but I'll give a penalty and hopefully it will all sort itself out!"

But you know? it just never did!

Most of the rest of the penalties were quite correct, especially the "over the tops". You just can't do that anymore - it's blow over the top, or stay on your feet!

The only other things I want to comment on at the last two tries. Firstly the Lomu forward pass to Cullin for his try. I just caught sight of Erickson in the back ground running down the centre of the field, about level with the play. What the hell was he looking at, I don't think that Cullin got in his way.

Of course you may well ask where "Dick" Ed was looking, but he would have been running around the in goal at the time. So in all, it was a bit slack.

But what the hell was that try of Fabian Pelous about?? Wayne Erickson was prepared to award that one from the 5 m line!

I think that the French captain could have lost the ball forward, after shooting one of the defenders with a bazooka, and Erickson would have given a penalty try for the AB splattering Pelous with blood!

But then all those penalties helped Merhts earn himself a tidy score, so I guess that he won't be too upset.

What a shocker of a performance from Erickson, and from the last person I would have expected! Every dog may have its day, but Wayne Erickson had a "dog"!

Nice to hear the French crowd shocked at even the bad decisions that went for them. Just what a Cantabrian would do in their place!

Anyway on that performance, should we hope for Andrae Watson for the next test?


Let us know what you think!

I'm sure that was Derek Beaven in a Wayne Erickson costume....
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