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Auckland Beaten on the Brook... and the Embankment!
Auckland Beaten on the Brook... and the Embankment!
(An "Otabrian" has a quiet gloat)

Good to see everyone's back. What a game last Saturday night at the Brook!!! The scarfies were back with vengeance, reminding the Dorks that they were at the House of Pain, not the local cafe.

Chants of "Ellis, Ellis who the #!@$% is Ellis" were clearly echoed around the stadium. Carlos Spencer also made an appearance on the terraces (cardboard cut out) touting his affection for goats and his love for Harty.

The game on the other hand was an old fashioned ding-dong battle. The highlanders surviving the first half with out the ball.

Thanks to the side-ways running of Spencer and some huge tackles by Stanley. The second half was a different story with the Otago boys managing to secure some ball and exert their forward power. As an Otabrian (Cantab in Dunedin) it was the perfect start to the season, the Crusaders won and the Highlanders bet up the Blues. Bring on next weekend!!!


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It's good to know the Otago fans gave the Aucklanders a good cheer.  I bet Spencer and Ellis felt about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit on their visit to the House of Pain...  Hee hee.

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