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The Ref report for the last 3
The Ref report for the last 3
(Someone stole my round toit... honest)
I have in front of me my notes from the Crusaders vs Tahs, and Crusaders vs Sharks games, and you know I can't really be bothered.

We were enjoying the game played at Carisbrook this evening, and I stopped taking notes in that as well. I was just enjoying the game, even if we were behind a bit.

Steve Walsh was doing a good job, and things weren't going too badly for either side. It was just nice to be back at Cone Stadium.

My wife is nice enough to read in the same room when I am watching the game at home, but it isn't really the same!

But lets have a quick review of the 3 refs in question:

Peter Marshall - This guy has some real class, he is fair, has a good long advantage and his guess decisions are fairly on the ball. Of course the game helped. It's always easier when the teams want to play free running games, most infringements are obvious and the biggest challenge is keeping up with the play.

Tappe Henning - It's got to be Andre Watson in disguise! Do they have a referee factory in SA where they pop out made to order Refs? I can see the head technician now as another one successfully passes his final pendanticness test - "Thesss won vil piss off dose New Zealanders!"

The only real advantages about these guys are:
You can forget the crap of your team and blame the Ref.
You know that very few infringements will go unwhistled!
They are reliable, you can depend on them to ref the same way all game!

Actually Andre and Tappe are easy targets, and I would have to say that although I don't like the look of them, they aren't that bad at their job.

Steve Walsh - Just what we need, a few more people fit enough to keep up with the play. Mr. Walsh has really come on over the years. He came into his prime last year and since his senior namesake retired he just looks better and better.

Not the guy to have as TJ when your name is Norm Maxwell, but then there is always hope that Norm will learn not to give away penalties if he gets pinged enough. Who knows... if Greg Feek can work it out, it should be possible for anyone!

So everyone is happy, the Refs are all good, and that there world peace is coming along nicely;-)

Why am I so happy? Well it's the end of the super 12 and everyone is basically in the same boat as the Crusaders... and last night I got myself a little rugby ball with Todd Blackadder and Colin Mead's signatures on it.

Mate... a family heirloom at last!


Let us know what you think!

Hmm, maybe the Crusaders should follow your lead of combining three match reports in one and combine the results from their last three games into one final score! 85-67 and 3 bonus points, thanks very much!

We must make the semis on that basis!! No? Bugger!

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