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Qld - Flatley = ACT win
Qld - Flatley = ACT win
(NZ free playoffs (QLD vs ACT))
Go through checklist before game starts:
1. Wife in Indonesia therefore allowed to play up more tonight;
2. Home brew is in the fridge;
3. Pizza and home brew being consumed;
4. Foxtel hooked up through stereo;
5. Adjust volume up;
6. Lock front door; and
7. NSW supporter there in role of ACT supporter.

Let the game begin.

A clear, dry and cold pitch awaited the Qld warriors as they strode onto the battlefield that would make or break their season. The game is on and hello whatís this? The Russel Crowe win at the Oscars has inspired both teams into the role of gladiators. Cause judging by the body count this isnít rugby, it's war. Shit the Wallabies are taking on Maoriís on June 9 and at this rate we will have to put on the T'ahs side to play. Ah Christ.

Roff foils the first attacking move by the Qld backline by driving Nalatu over the corner flag. A couple of minutes later Flatley keeps his kicking percentage and slots in easy points for Qld. Go the Reds.

Yep, then itís back on. The breakdowns revived the ancient art of a brawl, dirty play to the left, dirty play to the right. A game Richard Loe or any French forward would have been proud of. Particular mention goes to Stiles who got old motor mouth going early (Gregan really wants a whistle for X-mas).

Then we have to suffer Mortlockís kicking prowess. This bloke should never be given a weapon as he would blow his toe off and barn doors would reach plague proportions.

Finegan must have wanted a rest: firstly he tries to give Folley a third eye; and at the next ruck he tries to dislocate a head with a punch in front of the ref. A little break in the play while we get to review the third eye incident. Utilise break well and get some more home brew. Look I know most front row players have funny shaped leathery heads but itís still not the ball. Finegan gets 10 in the bin and then 5 weeks on the sideline. Kelleher must be pissed off that Marshall doesn't play on this side of the ditch.

10 minutes to Ĺ time and itís the first stretcher case of the day. Flatley had reached the count of 10 before he hit the ground. Damn it. Further easy points to Qld off the boot of Drahm and its still looking good.

Mortlock finally decides that he canít kick the ball over so he scores a try and good work by Nalatu ensures that the bastard will not crow about it. The second stretcher case of the day once he reaches the medical cart.

Nalatu got dropped to the bench after Ĺ time and I can only surmise that it was a punishment because Walker took over the kicking duties. Qld would have won if Mortlock continued kicking. Then they put on Williams or the turnstile as Marto described him as. #@!& thatís the game.

In summation Smith will be named Captain of the Wallabies in the next couple of years. His work rate and skills are dynamic. With Flately out cold, Qld lost its way. The backline lost direction and ACT exploited the fact. There are now a few more Wallaby spots up for grabs due to injuries and disciplinary action.

Now I am going to start the "I hate Williams fan club" and erect a shrine to Flatley.

ACT to win the final only because Mortlock wonít be kicking. I can now look forward to wearing the Wallaby jumper and watching Aus keep itís collection of trophies.


Let us know what you think!

Tough luck Geeves, your lads didn't really deserve that final scoreline.

Interestingly you touch on two of the things about the game that kiwi's have always liked to see, the cream of Australian rugby beating the crap out of each other just before the International season kicks off, and special agent Mortlock taking important kicks at goal!

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