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Hell freezes over! A Non-NZ side wins the Super 12
Hell freezes over! A Non-NZ side wins the Super 12
(The Brumbies snap-freeze and pack the Sharks back off to SA...)
The week started off with the ARU and Rod Kafer having another who’s got the biggest snout in the gravy train contest. Then Jones did his South Park record producer impersonation with “I am above the law” and crapping on about how Finegan did not deserve to be suspended for giving Foley a third eye.

By the end of the week I was starting to really dislike the bullshit the Bumblebees (continuous noise and nasty sting in them) throw around and decided that I don’t want the pouting and sulky looking Eddie “I am above the law” Jones as the new Wallaby coach.

Maybe the next ACT coach will do everyone a favour and instil the traditional slash and burn all chances of doing well in their first year (see NSW, 1996 to 2000 and the Blues 2001 coaching efforts) and really screw up ACT for next year. I forgot to mention that this didn’t happen with the mighty Maroonz this year. Or did I? (Side note, well done to the Chief’s coaching staff this year. It was nice to see one kiwi side improving their spot on the table).

Anyway on to the game and its time to get ready.

  • wife still away
  • get the rum out, its too cold to just drink homebrew
  • etc (see last week, just too lazy)
  • As predicted it was brass-monkey time. Hell it’s been cold in the land of the Gods (stops at Mexican border) so I’m going to have to charge my clients square bear money if I have to head south. Enough dribble. This means that shark popsicles and/or sushi was on the menu tonight.

    The Sharks came out blazing and continually threatened the ACT line in the first half. There was plenty of feeling in the game and nice work by Andrews (on Gregan) and Butch James (high shots, late tackles and shoulder charges) kept the crowd howling like Kiwi supporters watching the French. The defensive work by both sides was of the highest quality with attacking plays being snuffed out at the last line of defence, a bit like South African spliffs when the cricket coach walks in.

    That was until the cold started freezing the Shark’s players during the half time break and then it was all over. If they had stuck with the pick and drive, and the rolling mauls it could have been a different story. Why they abandoned the tactics that were getting them easy yardage was beyond my comprehension at that time (I blame the rum but most people reckon I’m just simple).

    With the Sharks not maintaining the ball in the forwards they kept turning it over and the people’s choice decided to give the Sharks a dynamic display of what you can do with the ball when you hit it at speed. In his last game at Bruce stadium before he does a Goldie Wilson, Mr Joe Roff was in scintillating form and ACT will miss him next year.

    Someone really must do an experiment to see if Butch James can raise his arms in the air if he doesn’t have the ball. I expect that next year in the Super 12 he is going to get a couple of yellow cards if he keeps tackling with his shoulder around people heads. While I’m on my soapbox someone needs to explain to Georgie that if you talk to refs like that you will never captain the Wallabies and/or will cost the Wallabies a match in the final minutes with his choice of words.

    ACT needs to send Nalatu a thankyou note. Nalatu's efforts last week ensured that the Bumblebees had the advantage without having special agent Stirling Mortlock’s kicking prowess holding them back. Walker was simply brilliant in both his general play and perfect kicking for the night.

    However, Butch James must have asked Mortlock for some tips before the game. The only reason I can foresee Mortlock to be used as the kicker in the future is so that “I am above the law” can make money on the points spread.

    A cold calculating display from a confident Brumbies side totally blew away the sharks after halftime. Now for the fun bit: who will get selected in the Wallaby side tomorrow? I feel like a kid waiting for Xmas to arrive.

    After Walker’s effort Burke should be on the bench for the Wallaby side. Can you envisage the Roff, Latham and Walker back three tearing a new orifice in the opposition’s backline? I can. Roll on the Tri-Nations and Bledisloe! It's time to keep some silverware in those bulging cabinets.


    Let us know what you think!

    Hell freezes over eh... More like Canberra. Bloody Nora, I've seen more hospitable conditions near Scott Base in Antarctica!
    Personally I thought the game was a bit disappointing.. Not nearly enough key Springbok and Wallaby hopefuls injured or killed!
    Speaking of Hell, does anyone else think Eddie Jones looks like Satan?
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    (Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)