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Bokkegarten Nursery Schoole Newsletter No. 1
Bokkegarten Nursery Schoole Newsletter No. 1
(The brains behind the Book of Bokke is back!)
Dear Parent,

Bokkegarten nursery had a most enjoyable sports day last Saturday, July 21st. Imagine! Over fifty four people came to our playing grounds for an afternoon of fun and to see how well your school performed. This year we were especially privileged to have the visiting pupils from New Zealand's Whangerbanger Basic School to join in the sports events. It certainly was not a very good day, with lots of rain and clouds so that our sportsground might have been waterlogged. But thanks to the generosity of our groundsman Mr. Fedsure, the grass was actually in excellent condition.

Well, what a treat our new gamesmaster, Mr. Harry, had in store for our local Parents association, who turned up in such numbers. Mr. Harry replaced Mr. Nick last term when you parents refused to send any more of your little ones to play games under his tutoring. Mr. Harry likes to keep us in surprise and suspense.

My, Bokkegarten sports grounds looked smart. There were flags and bunting and cuddly animals dressed as gazelles. We put on a special "transformation dance", led by His Impi Highness Chief Lotta-Balonei, and hoped this would delight the children from New Zealand . However, they had a treat in store for us in turn. When they began to dance about and make faces at us (and a few gestures some parents thought were obscene but are truly cultural) our children got a little scared, especially as they were wearing funny black outfits that looked like women's swimsuits. However soon both sets of children were happily romping and joining in the games.

Mr. Harry certainly has a sense of humour! Our romps used to be led by those big boys Andre, the other Andre and Rassie from Bloem. This was Mr. Nick's idea and it had to go when Mr. Harry made his great new Physical Education plan. New boy Bobbee from CapeTown was brought in to lead the romps. How he made us laugh, with all the balls he threw in the air! His favourite trick is to pretend to throw the ball to someone, only to miss or drop it himself! He also likes running backwards. Our visitors were cheering and smiling.

Some parents had complained before the sports because the Whangerbanger Basic School seemed to have brought an over-age boy along with them. This could be very dangerous for our smaller and more fragile Bokkegarten children. They gasped when they saw him! He is called Jonah, which also means someone without any luck. But he proved to be very pleasant, and let our little Bokkes climb all over him and romp him down. In the end, we were not sure why the Whangerbangers actually bothered to bring him all that way.

Who says our children are not taught to be free-spirited and generous? Just when the Bokkegarten rompers might have done a big kick near the end of the game, little Bobbee decided to have a "romp-down" instead and let our visitors feel better. Having come all this way, the Whangerbanger boys were properly warmed by this gesture of friendship. And minutes later on, when we could have "romp-down" and scored lots of points, Bobbee showed just how cheeky he is by calling for a kick! That was just before the end of the games.It certainly kept everyone in suspense. Right after that the whistle went and that was the end of all the fun - for this weekend.

Bobbee brought his friends from his neighbourhood. There was Monty and another one called Robbie Fluke. In fact most of the Bokkegarten seemed to be Bobbee's neighbours last Saturday. They are from a disadvantaged part of Bokkeland called Craptown. Compared to places like Durban and Johannesbug they are not good at romping. Many people can't see why so many of Bobbee's friends should be in the school. After all, Bokkegarten is meant to be for children from the elite Super Twelve Schools division. Well, it's part of our policy to help the disadvantaged. just like everyone should in Bokkeland today. We think everyone should agree with this progressive idea.

You should have seen how those Crptown kids ran, and ran, and twisted, and jumped and rolled and ran again. And all of it on one spot! Our visitors from the Basic School were amazed , as their own pupils can't do anything skillful like that, they only know how to go boringly forward.

Not everyone was so nice. Little Lukas Van Biltong proved to be a handful. It's one thing to show spirit as a new boy, but quite another to charge about recklessly knocking down and running over our esteemed visitors, like Lukas did! Our Headmaster Mr.Rian Sarfu have to have a word with little Lukas' parents. Mr. Harry has been working very hard in PE to show that this is not the way for Bokkegarten children to behave in front of guests.

Lukas was however in good company in his high spirits. Many other of the rompers tried hard against the very strong boys from "the antipodes". Big Victor, who was playing his first sports match for Bokkegarten, was successful in the Jumping competition. The Shoveball game was decisivly won by the Bokkegarten trio of Cobus Substansie, Lukas Van Biltong and Robbie Klotson. Basic School were certainly not winning the Tug-of-Ball either, as Bokkegarten were keeping it to themselves!

The last time we romped against visitors from France and Italy, the Bokkegarten kids could not get the ball to throw around and play with. This time, Mr. Harry had prepared the school really well and they got lots and lots of ball. They were so happy, they kept falling down from joy and running in little circles.

Sulking is however not a thing to be encouraged. We at Bokkegarten pride ourselves in developing character. That is why the behaviour of little Braam Von Stratosphere was something for concern. Just because Mr. Harry said that Monty should do the kicking in the romp, Braam sat on a bench all afternoon, looking glum and unhappy. Imagine when our visitors heard some parents egging him on with openly expressed comments like "Throw those useless basxxards off the pitch and bring on Braam." Others even dared to say "Where's that fxxing Mr. Harry? Did'nt the clueless idiot know that it was going to be a wet day and close game without a blxxdy kicker, which even my two year old daughter could have foretold?" Mr. Rian Sarfu has noted your names and you will receive letters of warning shortly.

They have a strange way of speaking English down there, as the whole afternoon our children kept asking "What does 'Offdahook' mean, mummy?"

Next week Bokkegarten is very happy to host yet more visitors for a sports event when we shall have some guests from Australia. I am sure all of us will be waiting to see more fun, novelty and amazing innovations with Mr. Harry and his PE team.

All The Best Till Next Saturday!

Mrs Inna Van Der Pression Bokkegarten School Parents Teachers Organizing Committee.

P.S. Carrying knives, guns, hang-ropes and garottes to next Saturday's games is strictly forbidden.


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Ah, a wonderful heart-warming tale. But I really think the Bokkegarten should relocate their head-quarters to Craptown and bring back Percy to share his hair care tips with Bobbee!
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