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Happy Birthday Toddy!
Happy Birthday Toddy!
(Bloody hell, he's only 30!)
Yep, another year has passed and it's the Toddfather's birthday again. What is he now, 45? Sure he looks it, but this spring chicken is only...


Two seasons ago, when we annouced his 28th, Toddy made a comment that he felt that his exclusion from the All Black World Cup squad that year probably closed the door on his international career.

We stated we weren't so sure. We thought he would still have a chance with some of the old locks at the time (Brooke and Jones in particular) retiring after the World Cup.

And what regular Nostrildamii' we turned out to be eh?

Not only did he make the AB's again, as captain no less but he also led the mighty Crusaders to two more Super 12 titles (consecutive, that's 3 in a row!!), and the Canterbury NPC team to the finals last year. Not to mention winning back and defending the Ranfurly shield!

Not a bad effort at all for a 30 year old who looks like he's going on 45!

And now this is truely his last season in Canterbury colours, we'll be sure to do a full look back over his career when the NPC is over (and hopefully he adds a 2001 NPC title to the Canterbury stash), but until then have a good one Toddy!


Let us know what you think!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Black Toddadder, Happy Birthday to me!

Surely you know that I share my birthday with the (other) great man!?!

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