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Referee report - the kicking of Auckland
Referee report - the kicking of Auckland
(Did I mention that Auckland got kicked!)
What a kicking... man I don't remember the last time anyone got kicked so badly since 35-0 Auckland vs. Canterbury... Ah! maybe we should forget about that.

Lets talk about Paddy O'Brien.

Bit of a blank here... I'll just write some rubbish and hopefully something will come to me.

Paddy plays good advantage, but then teams have sorted that out and make easy use of it to milk the penalty. But what can you do, I mean should there be a intermediate free kick if you go to infringe but then don't?

Unfortunately that would lead to all sorts of abuse and confusion. No unfortunately we are stuck with start to do something stupid in front of the ref, give away advantage, usually end up getting pinged.

Paddy had a ball of a time in the first half, dominating the play making, mainly because neither of the teams were. But after the "afro-man" oranges at 1/2 time the R&B's really got riled. Hee, hee, two tries in 5 minutes. 8)

Paddy had a different role in this half, as there was much more back line play, so it was cross overs and forward passes and knock-ons rather than lots of forwards infringements (not that these stopped occuring).

Upon reflection (sorry regular readers) there wasn't any less work for Paddy in the second half, just that Canterbury stopped trying so hard and started scoring.

That's it really, good advantage allowing lots of running play, reasonably fair calls for both sides, no real controversy, and otherwise keeping out of the way.

What more can you ask for... except for a kicking!!!!!!!!!


Let us know what you think!

Ah, there's nothing better than a good Auckland kicking, and on Carlos' birthday too! At least you've got the goat Toffee Pops!
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