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Book of the Bokke - Chapter 2
Book of the Bokke - Chapter 2
(On the Bok selection for RWC99)
1 Now there was a tumult in the land of the Bokke, for many are called, yet few are chosen. Yea though many warriors of the Bokke wanted to slay their enemies at the Cup Of The World, firstly they must be chosen. And so mighty Nick the Mallet and wise Solomons did sit and they did ponder long and hard.
2 And wise Solomons did say unto Nick the Mallet, "Yea ,we are sorely pressed by the Dallagites and the tribe of Kefu, and the men of Taine will grind us. But behold I have a vision! Let us travel to the land of Provincialis, and there we will find a fighter called Anton the Obscure. And with the Skinsite and Ras of Erasmus, who who neither know what they do in battle at the place of the eight men, we shall confuse and trick our opponents. And by this cunning they shall be amused and shall fall about laughing and not be able to fight us from their mirth. And Nick the Mallet saith: " As long as this Anton ,whom I know not,be from Provincialis, then I agree with you, oh wise one."
3 And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth in the land of the Bokke, for the champion of the people was one Gary the Teichmanite. And he was bold and a man of dignity and honour. But Nick the Mallet did smite him with insults and calleth unto Gary the Teichmanite: " Thou are clapped-out and not even counted among the warriors of eight in Bokkeland. Thou are finished and unwanted and a burden unto me. Because of you I was smote by the Ozzities and the Zealanders. It be all your fault. I banish you to the land of the Welsh." And wise Solomons did agree, for he loved Anton the Obscure, as he was from Provincialis.
4 And now wise Solomons turned to Nick the Mallet and said: " But for the centre of our army, we are sorely lacking. For Japie of Mulder is injured and slow, and Andre the Cutter is laid low and as for Hennie the Red, I know you do not love him.. And besides the faction of the Ayencee-ites are sorely against us. What shall we do?" And Nick the Mallet said unto Solomons:" Behold there is a man from Ethiopia and he is black and comely. And I shall choose him and place him among our army. And the faction of the Ayencee-ites will be pleased and happy, and shall bless us. And his name is Kaya the Motley. It be true he has never fought before any army of Ozzities or Pommeranians or even Italites. But I promise you this, he shall take a mighty load off my back."
5 But the people of Bokkeland rose in a shout and asked of their generals: " Where are our mighty and wise warriors like Andre the Jubilant, William of Chester and others who have fought against all our enemies and have slewn them and are wise in the ways of the Cup of the World?"
6 And then the generals answered the people thus: " Oh ye foolish population! You may weep and gnash your teeth and even sprinkle upon yourselves the loose grass of the field of Newlands in mourning. But I say unto you the Cup of the World giveth us a chance to experiment for the next Cup of the World that shall be held 4 years from now, against the same enemies. For this reason I have chosen Pieter the Clumsy and Breyton the Small and Deon the Unsure. For my contract runneth over until the year 2002."

Let us know what you think!

What a mighty battle we shall see when Pieter the Clumsy and Deon the Unsure come up against the fiersome Ozzites George the Grogan, Matt the Burke and Tim the Horrid!

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