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NPC Finals 2001: Gallery
NPC Finals 2001: Gallery
(the view from the stands)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I present you a 23,000 word summary of the game! (Click on the images for a bigger version)

A few thousand test out the new stand... brave, brave souls (but it did look flash!)

The Bradiator Fan Club!

One simple piece of advice for Chainsaw Laney

Celebrity idiots Jason and Oscar get wet on the sideline

The Canterbury lads get in some last minute tackle practice

The odd looking object that was up for grabs, NO! not the big fuzzy phallic thing protruding over the sign, the NPC trophy!

Paul Miller needs to get his head stiched back together after a little disagreement with a Razor

Tony Brown hurt his foot in the first half and didn't return

Larry the Lamb celebrates a Canterbury try. You can't fault his enthusiasm but surely he is the worst mascot in the country. Why can't we share Rambo with the Canterbury Basketball team!?!

Some spectacular half-time fireworks served as a sign of on-field fireworks to come from the home team

Laurie makes his way back to his seat after the half-time pep-talk. (He could almost fit inside that DB bottle!)

And 40 minutes later (the second half was too exciting to get the camera out!!) it was all over. The Otago boys gather in despair...

Waiting for the formalities to begin Mehrts gives Laurie a few words of advice

Taine gives Anton a lesson in giving gracious losing speeches, including thanking Brendon 'Chainsaw' Laney for his service to Otago rugby

The boys all stand by and listen intently, apart from Laney and Marshall, who are rudely talking right through Taine's speech!

The AirNZ guy was giving a speech too, but the crowd got bored and started chanting 'TODDY!', the AirNZ guy gave in and Toddy got the mic!. The first thing he did was thank the fans!

Then he gave Anton a lesson in how to give a gracious victory speech. Taine nodded approvingly...

Lane Penn then got to give the big pointy bronze thing to Toddy!

Toddy showed it off to his mates in the half-finished stand...

and then hightailed it off the podium with the loot!

At this point the Otago boys slinked off to the changing rooms to put into practice Anton's comment about "pouring some beer down some guys throats tonight"

But they show wasn't over for Toddy and his boys yet! Larry the Lamb proved that just because you have to wear a dumb outfit it doesn't mean you can't sing, and sang a great rendition of the Blackadder song to the ToddFather, the crowd all joined in too!

And then the boys all huddled around the trophy for the obligatory team photo, along with the very odd chant of "Rueben Thorne, Rueben Thorne, Rueben Thorne...."
Odd blokes these Rugby players....


Let us know what you think!

It brings a tear to my eye, my boy Toddy rides off into the sunset with the Shield under one arm and that silly NPC trophy in his back pocket... God Bless you mate!
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