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Five go to the Rugger
Five go to the Rugger
(A short transcript of yet another night at Jade Stadium)
Jules: Lovely night...
SG: Yep. If you like rain, bitterly cold wind and a wet arse.
Mrs Jules: The new stand looks pretty impressive.
Wobbly: Yep... But it's not the 'bank... *sniff*
Jules: Wa-hey! - Looky there! Dancing girls!
Mrs Jules: Hmmm....
Jules: ....er.... How sexist. Terrible really. Should be banned.
Wobbly: I feel better already.
SG: Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!
DH: *Burp*!
Jules: I could have sworn I just heard DH burp.
SG: Probably was DH. After all, he's only 109 metres away in the DB Draught stand.
Wobbly: Nice.
Mrs Jules: Those Otago boys behind us are in good spirits.
SG: I hate it when that happens. I suspect it could be due to that exceptionally generous pass Caleb Ralph just popped up for that moderately skilled openside flanker from Otago to brilliantly kick through to Chainsaw Laney so he could score under the posts.
Jules: Could be, but it sounds a bit far fetched, SG.
Wobbly: Bugger. I hate rugby.
Time passes...
Mrs Jules: Well, we've got them right where we want them. They're only 10 points ahead at the break.
Jules: Yes, Dear.
Wobbly: Go... Go! Go! GOOOO! Yeeeeeeaaas! Marshall scores! Oh... Poos and wees. No he doesn't. Video ref eh... Shit. There's only one ref in the Galaxy who would award us that try. We're doomed.
SG: Steve Walsh jnr is the Video Ref
Jules: SAVED! Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!
Wobbly: I love rugby again.
More time passes
Jules: It's all over. 30 - 19! I love it when we win!
SG: Please stop kissing me
DH: *burp*!
Wobbly: Toddy! Toddy! Toddy!
Mrs Jules: Funny. Those Otago boys have gone. Must have had a cold to catch.
SG: Oh what a shame.
Jules: Oh well. All that's left is to head back to Cone Stadium, have a few beers, congratulate ourselves on another brilliant Canterbury win and read DH's astonishingly readable, superbly funny Tribute to Toddy!

Hear, hear!

DH: *Fart*
NB: The characters and events in this transcript may have been altered to frame the innocent


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Bloody hell AT! Did you even go to that rugby game? About the only thing you got right was DH belching.
And that Canterbury won.
And that Toddy is a legend.
Ah well, I guess you didn't do too bad after all.
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