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NSWRU is the next ARL
NSWRU is the next ARL
(NSWRU does its best to destroy a national Comp)
With the NPC and Currie Cup just finishing in NZ and SA respectively a new wealth of players has again been untapped and the up and coming players have developed their skills and talent to make serious inroads into both international sides, yet Australia again lags in the development of a national competition due to the NSWRU board.

That broke bunch (ARU bailed them out last year and took over financial management and just look at the ARU web page it's the only state union to have its site run by the ARU) of insular (if it's not in Sydney we don't want to know about it, just ask anyone who's lived in rural Mexico, let alone the paradise state) wankers have again driven the hope of a national competition to commit suicide or resemble the Black Caps chances of winning a test match in Australia.

With the recent announcement that NSWRU wants to redevelop the Sydney Club scene they have yet again thwarted QRU's and ACTRU efforts at establishing a national competition. This is not the first time NSWRU has shown that it wants to remain insular as possible. The Canberra Vikings were involved in the Sydney Club competition until this year when they got dropped like a stone. Perhaps it was because someone from outside Sydney was playing too well? However, QRU was more than willing to allow them into its Brisbane based competition and the Vikings ended up defeating the Gold Coast in the Grand Final this year. Did anyone notice the difference in travel costs.

Did anyone hear about the inaugural East Coast Cup? That competition involved a series of teams from Brisbane, Rural NSW and Canberra and was an attempt to get a national comp started. However, the Sydney clubs didnít want to be involved.

If you didnít hear about it don't be surprised! No one in Australia did! It wasn't broadcast, the draw was impossible to find and the media didn't show one iota of interest. A bit like the club scene. This is another whole rant that I won't get into.

The Sydney club competition is going to be run after the Super 12. The NSWRU "...competition does allow for a team from Queensland or the Canberra, Newcastle or Central Coast areas to be added at a later stage." While the Sydney clubs "...will be permitted to attract players from other states with player transfer and overseas player rules still in effect." (see This story for more details)

How **%*ing generous of them, 1 team from QLD or Canberra and 1 team from coastal NSW at some arbitrary point in time. How **%*ing fantastic, 2 whole sides that aren't based in Sydney! Whoopie **%*ing do! This bunch of conceited p****s donít even realise that anyone exists outside of Sydney. Look here you bunch of prep-school toffy nosed gits in NSWRU, donít you dare forget that you are QLD's bunnies in the Super 12. In the 6 games since 1996 the best NSW has ever achieved is a draw in 98, the rest of the time you lost and in three of those games by 10 points or more.

While the NSWRU doesn't want outside teams it sure as s#*@ wants the good players form outside the State. How bloody wonderful, now they want to stunt development in the other unions. Oh! We will have your players but not your club!! May I make a suggestion? What part of get ****ed donít you understand NSWRU?

This wonderful idea reminds me so much of the development of that other code in Sydney that was run by the Australian Rugby League (ARL). Sydney clubs only please. Then they added Canberra who kicked their arse for years and Brisbane who then kicked their arse for years. At least the ARL had an excuses in the days when it was developed airline flight wasn't available.

Australia has another Super (please insert appropriate number here as it keep changing) team in 2003, where it is based I have no idea, and we need to keep the opportunities and development of the second tier players increasing so that when they are needed they are ready to perform at the highest level. Just increasing the current squad numbers this year is not enough.

I want to see a national competition that gets televised (are you listening Murdock and Stokes); I want to watch the development of the second tier of players; I want to go to the games but I sure as s*** donít want it based solely in Sydney. A national comp should involve all not the few.

Dammit Barge why canít you get rid of the NSWRU board. That mob of insular, Skase styled financial gurus are holding the development of rugby back in Australia.


Let us know what you think!

Yeah Barge, it's all your fault!

And lay off the Black Caps, their very sensitive!

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