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Northland and the Dorks
Northland and the Dorks
(Nathan pulls no punches)
I had an interesting thought about the Super 12 yesterday - what do Northlanders think about being associated with the hated all-around-the- country Auckland Blues?

This led me to consider the very nature of the Super 12, particularly in regard with our friends up North. We all know the few Harbour supporters and fewer Auckland NPC supporters are not rivals like the somewhat more friendly rivalry between Canterbury and Otago supporters - they really don't like each other.

When you add into the mix the fact they are partners in the Super 12 competiton, and the reluctance that Northlanders (as anyone) would have with being associated with Dorkland leads to the obvious reason why the Blues have such a terrible support base - they can't stand sitting next to each other, let alone support the same team.

Northlanders can feel justifyably angry that they are said to be just the same as toffee-nosed, latte-sipping Aucks. I'd feel upset being called a farm boy from the 'Naki, and I'm sure Southlanders wouldn't be too keen known as scarfies.

But it would be worse being compared to an Aucklander - no question about that fact.

So we at rugbyheads want to re-assure Northlanders that whilst we still aren't keen on the Blues, part of us feels sorry for you. Very sorry for you. You must be absolutely shattered.


Let us know what you think!

Nothing like picking a fight with a third of the country's population early on in your journalistic career Nathan!
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