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World Cup Chumps Tour of N. Hemisphere
World Cup Chumps Tour of N. Hemisphere
(Poms and Frog game only)
Lacking sleep, Lacking sleep. Sleep. Sleep. The joys of having a 1-month-old child. Please ignore the over simplification as my brain was not registering for a lot of both games and in disgust of the performances I have already taped over the videos.

England v Wallabies
There is a really annoying high-pitched whining, whinging noise in my ear! Find the mute button and get rid of the Channel 7 commentary team. Ahh thatís better.

The game in a nutshell is an exhibition of how to play a forwards game and just rely on the 5/8 to do all your scoring for you (insert obvious joke). To bad it was the poms doing the training run.

The English pack played like most of them did in the Lions tour. They dominated the breakdown and then waited for infringements. This got them either into penalty kicking distance (I still reckon that Wilkinson needs more fibre in his diet, that hand wringing before the kick makes the poor boy look like he is constipated), or they went for the sideline. Then they were able to utilise their only attacking weapon the rolling maul.

I can't remember what the possession stats were at half time but is must have been in the 80:20 range. For the total domination of the game by the poms in the first half the Australian defence held up well. But its still 15-0. Hey Burkey can't you kick the ones straight in front? (see SA game in Perth this year where he demonstrated the Mortlock kicking technique).

The second half comes along and nothing has really changed especially in the forwards who are getting tossed aside like Auckland's chances of wining the NPC again. However, the Wallabies finally get hold of the ball and hey presto a Wallaby try. Then we get to trade penalties until in the dying minutes until Waugh crosses for the second try of the match. Final result is that the Wallabies out scored the poms in the second half 15-6. And the final possession score was around 65:35 for the match.

The worst part of the game is two fold:
1. Burke missed three kicks and they were gettable (just ask Flatley who kicked the conversion in France). This would have given us a win by two points. If the poms could work that out they would be ropable; and
2. we lost to the poms 21-15.

During the week we get told nothing is wrong and how just by changing Smith for Waugh everything will be all right. Bond comes in for Herbert who broke his hand.

France v Wallabies
Somewhere from out of the haze that's in my mind two thoughts struggle to find oxygen. There's rugby on and someone wants to get up and control my life. At least I didn't have to set the alarm clock. Attempt to find a rugby jumper in the dark. Can only find Reds jumper. Oh well.

Stagger out to couch and turn on the game. Lie in comatosed state for the first 20 minutes until someone throws up on me. Can't really blame her as what I can understand of the game it is making me sick too. I am really struggling for the next 20 minutes until the caffeine kicks in.

At least this game is more interesting to watch, as the French backs know how to use the ball. Hello who's the Marsh bloke? Another bloody Canterbury Kiwi at least this one can say they have been on a winning side against the Wallabies this year.

It's finish of the first half and "whatís that smell?" It's just the efforts from the Wallabies forwards. Oh for #*^#'s sake this is the second week in a row where they have been totally outplayed. The French are playing the house down. They are dominating the lineouts, providing scintillating back play, and for the second week in a row the Wallabies are MIA at the breakdown. Vive la France I cannot see one Wallaby supporter in the stadium. If France had a kicker they would be well ahead and the score would not be 11-3.

The second half arrives and what is really shitting me is the lineouts and the dropsies. We get the penalty, hoof the ball into French territory and then France ends up with the ball. Failing that all the French had to do was wait for the Wallabies to drop the ball once they were tackled. Now what the **^* is going on here.

Smith makes it on and does some great work at the breakdown by stealing the ball a couple of times. Latham's defence and attack improved once he was in the fullback role and the try saving tackle was sensational.

But the best replacement is Tune. He is one player that has not forgotten the hunger of winning. Tune is the bright light on the park and makes a great break after slicing through three French backs but he can't quite get away. However, his effort for the match is rewarded with his first test try of the tour.

Then Flatley kicks a beautiful conversion so that the Wallabies go down by a point. 14-13. France deserved to win and give the wabbaling wallabies their second test loss in a row. Once again the Wallabies have come back the stronger in the second half outscoring France 10-3 however, the serious lack of competitiveness in the forwards is of great concern.

At the moment, I just reckon it's a Kiwi conspiracy as both the games were controlled by a Kiwi ref. Just cause we retained the Beldisloe again, I reckon that these dodgy calls will keep coming until the Kiwi's win it back. Which may be never!

However, the other option is that I still believe there are not enough Qld players in the Wallaby side. Lets piss off a couple of regular players so that they get the hunger back and in the mean time lets blood or reblood a couple of Qld players.

The Geeves Test Team for the Wales Match
1 Stiles
2 Foley (that way he makes his 50 before he retires and then sub him off for Cannon after 20 min)
3 Moore
4 Conners (Giffin and Harisson are giving me the Shits)
5 Bowman (If he could play the same was as he did for Aussie 'A' then fantastic)
6 Lyons (Fingean dropped and Cockbain to the reserves)
7 Smith
8 T. Kefu (if he doesn't do anything put on Waugh)
9 Gregan (no one else)
10 Flatley (send Larkham to the bench he may be able to weave his magic once everyone is tired and with Flatley we can cover Burke's injury and use his combinations with the Kefu's, Tune and Latham. He sure is kicking better than Burke at the moment)
11 Staniforth (Roff has been less than inspiring this tour)
12 S. Kefu (he is another playmaker and skillful runner)
13 Grey (Grey would be better at outside and used in Herbertís role)
14 Tune
15 Latham

res Cockbain, Waugh, Darwin, Cannon, Whitaker, Larkham, Roff

Hey Barge, I just realised that I put in a hell of a lot of NSW players into the side. Damn it, my eye patch must need changing.

If the Wallabies don't win against Wales I am going to get my daughters help to send some week old, sun warmed nappies to the ARU, numbered 1 to 15 as that's the way they are playing.


Let us know what you think!

Good effort Geeves, your Wallabies are on their first losing streak in quite sometime and you still manage to suck it up and slip in some cheap shots at the Kiwis!

For the record Tony Marsh is from Counties orginally I believe, but he did play a season with the Crusaders a while back!

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