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History repeating... but for the Aussies
History repeating... but for the Aussies
(How Aussie could avoid more heartache)
I'm in a bit of a strange position: feeling sorry for Australians.

From Geeve's match reports it looks suspiciously like John Hart has been reincarnated into Eddie Jones (NB - rumours of JH's death have been greatly exaggerated).

I don't remember, but is Eddie Jones a short-arse... with a comb-over?

Admittedly Jones isn't quite in the same shoes, as he inherited an excellent team - minus a few critical components. The phrase "rebuilding" has been conveniently waved around, but it isn't the results that have made me think of JH.

The hallmark of the Hart years is what is politely termed "inventive positional changes". This seems to be a trick that Mr Jones has cottoned onto.

I'll admit that I'm quite happy that he has, as it has revolutionised the Wallabies! Now they are crap!

I am concerned however for the damage that it will do to the Australian rugby public.

Any of you who have read the Canterbury opinion of JH (kindly brought to you by the team here at Rugbyheads!) will know that there was a fairly deep chasm between those supporting Hart, and those willing to support his application for emigration!

It's fairly hard to be objective on the subject, but basically JH supporters said that the "rest" were just sour and didn't/couldn't understand the new way of doing things. The rest said that JH was playing with a winning formula in such a radical way that not only would there be tears before bed-time, but that it wouldn't work!

IM(not so)HO the key senior players saved the side's bacon in the early Hart years, but once they departed things went to custard. Sound familiar to any of you Aussie supporters?

So I want you Aussies to learn from our Hart-ache, to think about how you can reach out to your fellow Australians, even the ones who support a different S12 side than you! Find a way to share the pain, give comfort. Try not to pick on each other just because those other bastards are dead wrong!

I don't expect that this will actually achieve anything, unless you can work out a way to sort Eddie Jones out, but maybe you can prevent a Rugby Union civil war.

Oh and while you're at it, get the RWC trophy carry-case out of storage. If the Wobbalies keep this record up, somebody else is going to be taking it away from Sydney in 2003!


Let us know what you think!

Too right SG, but that RWC won't be travelling far! Just across the ditch to be reunited with the Bledisloe and TriNations, (which we will be picking up next year if current SA and AUS form continues) they seem to be a set after all!
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