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That'll be the end of the season then!
That'll be the end of the season then!
((It's more fun writing general rants than reviews of Crap AB games))
You know I was really going to write a review about the AB / Argentina game... but then I thought the discussion board summed things up fairly well.

I can tell that I am going to to say a few things about the game, but under a different topic - that there one up-the-top-of-the-page, there.

Yes, OK... back to that topic: There are a couple of telling signs that the season has drawn to a shuddering and empathic close.

Firstly: NZ in general is starting to care about the (see-through) Black Caps. Certainly this is being helped by them actually playing well, but the change has been happening anyway.

Secondly: The more observant amoungst you may have noticed the sterling lack of effort here at Rugbyheads in the "cranking out the stories" area.

It may not be rugby writing fatigue: I mean "guys" tiring of talking about sport... pull the other one! But if you think I've got the motivation to feret out the answer to that one... see "secondly"!

Thirdly: I just bought some Crusaders S12 mercandise for a fraction of its RRP. Now this is undeniable proof of the end of the season.

I bet those wee Chinese adidas people are doing overtime right now, producing new and slightly different S12 clothing for next year. While those rotund German adidas people rub their hands with glee at the thought of Canterbury supporters with their renewed faith (courtesy of the NPC win) buying themselves, all the kids, and the dog, some new Red & Black clobber for 2002!

Now can I think of any other signs? Not the ABs of course! I mean, those reports all last week that said that the AB weren't thinking about the beach yet- surely they must have been true!

Because of course they were having to concentrate on beating the Argentinians so badly that Lisandro Arbizu would be saying something like: "Cualquier persona consiguió el registro de ese megabus?" (answer below).

But now I am thinking that along with the fact (a) that the Argentinians played very well, especially the forwards, (b) those 58 thousand people who dropped by to watch (don't they have subscription TV in Argentina?)... that maybe (c) they were also thinking about the beach!

Wasn't too good a game for Australian Referees either. Remember our watch word is "consistency". It seems that Scott Young thought the word was "constantly", as in "constantly change your mind about whether this action is worth a penalty or not".

I don't mind too much that he sent Meus to the bin, but did he see the Argie lock rucking the shit out of someone just 5 minutes earlier? Actually he didn't even see Meeuws, the touch judge brought it to his attention!

But you couldn't blame the Ref for the AB's problems in the game, he didn't make up any of the penalties that he gave, we played like crap! Special crap prize to Dougie Howlitt, who was trying so hard that he was playing like more than one player - unfortunately this "more than one player" wsa the whole of the Blues back-line.

Still a wins a win. Call me greedy but I would have been happier with less effort and more cohesion!

Still it is the end of the season...

By the way - translation from Spanish "Did anyone get the registration of that bus?"


Let us know what you think!

Yes, crap performance by Scott Young and the Blues players in the team. Thank heavens for the Canterbury late-comeback!
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