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Hurricanes left to sing the Blues
Hurricanes left to sing the Blues
(oh what a predictable title!)
Blues vs Hurricanes
The Cake Tin, Wellington
7:30pm, Friday 22nd, February, 2002
Referee: Paddy Obrien
Blues 60 : Hurricanes 7

I thought it was high time I started my match reviews again. And what an opening scoreline.

The Blues went in as favourites, but who would have picked the winning margin?

I for one won't be getting carried away with this huge victory. The game was boring at times. The Hurricanes defence, or lack of, gifted the Blues the first three tries.

The half time scoreline, 27-0 did flatter the Blues slightly. From this point the scoreline just snowballed and the nightmare continued for the Canes.

Not that I'm a hard man to please, but games like this do nothing for you. At the beginning you are feeling rather nervous, sweaty palms, and by half time your thinking, "What was I worried about?" Now on to the players. Howlett must have though all his Christmases had come at once, bagging 4 tries from just supporting the ball carrier. And on the other wing, Caucaunibuca got a double. I've learnt how to pronounce that mouthful just in case he has a blinder S12. The combined pace of him and Howlett left the Hurricanes backs for dead and must have sent some " lookout messages" down south.

Everyones favourite, Carlos Spencer, had a great game, his goal kicking and option taking was " spot on ".

The scrum was really solid up front. Lineouts were ok, but the kickoffs, was this the " All Blacks " again. Maybe I'll just blame it on the wind. Fair bit of niggle in this game early on with usual culprits. Flavell, 10 in the bin and Feather, not far behind him. Waller was involved as usual and Spice(rather scruffy looking) was there with his boots as well. Not much to say about the Hurricanes, they huffed and ran out of puff. It was good to see Cullen back on the park again and I wish him well against all other opposition.

For the Blues it's back to square one next week against The Reds. This game may as well be put in the "Warm Up" bin.


Let us know what you think!

Yes those Blues did bloody well alright. As expected the influence of former Crusaders Mayerhofler, McFarlane and Cribb, along with ex-Crusaders assistant coach Sloane was just too much for the hapless Canes...
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