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Canterbury Awful!
Canterbury Awful!
(a Cantab cries into his beer)

Canterbury have been awful!  And this isn't an April Fools article.....

Message for Wayne Smith......GIVE AARON FLYNN A GAME!!!!!

Justin Marshall has been pathetic. Byron Kelleher should book his World Cup tickets with Mark Robinson his understudy. Marshall's service to Mehrts has been poor, he looks slow, indecisive. He should be dropped.

Apart from Marshall, no-one else is playing that badly. So'aolo can be scatterbrained & Feek's scrummaging technique (after initially looking overwhelmingly awesome) has been found to be slightly illegal. I still think he's a special player with great ability. It's hard to pinpoint any other weakspots to be honest. Blackadder has been fantastic. Even Mr Potato Head has admitted that.

I guess one other disappointing player has been 'Bubs' Mayerhofler. Not his fault because he's been injured. The unfortunate thing for Bub's is that Daryll Gibson has been so OUTSTANDING at 2nd five. I honestly believe he will be the All Black 2nd five in this years Tri-Nations. And I think Jeremy Stanley will be his partner. The thing about Gibson is that he's been both brilliant & consistent in a number of different positions for 2-3 years now. His current spot appears to be his.

I thought I'd give this naming the AB Team a go...

15. Cullen
14. Wilson
13. Stanley
12. Gibson
11. Lomu
10. Merhtens
9. Kelliher
8. Maka
7. Kronfeld
6. Randall
5. Maxwell
4. Blackadder (c)
3. Meeuws
2. Oliver
1. Hoeft

Collins, Justin or Robertson
Dowd or Feek

I think Randall will be the AB captain, I just also think Toddy would be a great choice. Any opinions?


Let us know what you think!

If I remember rightly, wasn't this the home of the passionately one-eyed Cantab?  How did this article slip in here....  Surely DH hasn't got the Blues??

Supposedly this article has been viewed times since we bothered to start counting*.
(Although it could have just been on the Reload button doing some serious ego padding!)