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Reds vs Brumbies (Yes I know its late)
Reds vs Brumbies (Yes I know its late)
(One year the Reds will win in Canberra)
Well here is my first attempt writing the wrap up while attempting to balance my daughter on my knee. You would think with the amount of time I spend on the computer I should be able to type with one hand and be used to dribble running down the other hand but Iím struggling. Must have visited the wrong web sites in the past :)

Did try and get report done last week but the Business Activity Statement (GST revenue raiser) was due last week. And since you lot don't pay I can't use the time as a tax write off. Now that's a thought cough up you stingy buggers and I can claim my season pass and time as a business expense.

Reds vs Brumbies

Yes the season starts off badly with the loss to the bumblebees 29 to Qld 19. However, there were some good signs in the loss and some better signs for the wallabies. As both sides looked hungry and mean at the breakdown (just ask Larkham), which is nice when, compared to the open door policy of the Wallabies during the European tour. Here have the ball we donít want it. Ahh the bitter rivalry of a local derby.

Firstly T. Kefu welcomes Howard back to Australia and we have to suffer More-choke kicking again. Then Stiles attempts to communicate with Larkham in regards to lying all over the ball. However, the ref decided that the form of communication is ineffectual and suggests that Stiles should spend some time on the bench reviewing his braile technique.

A beautiful piece of counter attacking work by Qld sees the ball thrown out to the wing to Tune. It's so nice to see Tune in action again, injury free for 1 week now. He gets the ball runs, chips kick over Bartholomeusz, screams up the sideline regathers the ball and motors for the try line. As Walker (Mr MIA) comes across in defence, Tune draws him in and sends the basketball pass to Latham who crosses the line for the opening try.

Even better work by Flatley to convert the try. The idiot with the kicking tee got onto the field as Flats was receiving treatment at the other end of the paddock and the one-minute time limit on the conversions starts. He then has to sprint up grab the kicking tee and slot the ball within 20 seconds. The ref signals 5 seconds to go as he kicks the ball and it sails over the black dot.

2/3rds of the way into the first half I confidently say that if Special Agent Mortlock continues to kick and Qld scores the same number of tries we have won the game. Unfortunately, David Nucifora realises the same thing and Walker takes over kicking duties for a while and converts the Paul try.

ACT gets a penalty just on half time and leads 14-13 at the hooter.

ACT then dominate the game by securing the possession during the second half and then in the second half the bloody Qld reject scores the try that puts the boot in. ACT end up dominating the game in the second half.

Found the ref bloody pedantic and I swear one year the Reds will win at Canberra. Like in the finals this year.

Good news is banana boy (sorry Nathan) is spending the next four games on the sideline. That makes it a damn site more safer in my opinion to pick the Reds for the win over the Blues.

During the week I saw Eddie Jones on 'Inside Rugby' and suddenly it hits me. His looks and his facial expressions remind me of an evil puppet (e.g. Chucky). Anyone want to guess whoís got his hand up his #$@! ?


Let us know what you think!

Better late than never Geeves, but as far as getting paid to write such great stuff just remember these tight-arses don't even pay me!

And as for who has got their hand up Eddie's ass it's not John Oneill, he's too busy with his head up his own!

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