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Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 3
Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 3
(Some fantasy rugby guru I turned out to be...)

Arrgh! Well my second round result made my round one look good. :(

245 just ain't good enough, and like any good coach it's time to ring some changes!

My entire Tight Forward trio were all disappointing, especially Harrison who is chronically overpaid and underperforming. He's out of here, I can use his $1.7m salary far better elsewhere I think. Ormsby and Sharpe were also ineffective, and given the Chiefs have a bye in week 4 I'll toss Kristian early.

Loosies McCaw and Krige were solid but not spectacular, it could be time to cut young Richie loose, he has made me some good $ but he's not getting the big stats.

The Inside Backs were good, although Gaffie du Toit suffered like the rest of his Sharks team, who got stuffed by the Highlanders, and he also didn't seem to do all the goal kicking. He's still good value but given the Sharks play the Brumbies this week I think I'll steer clear of him too.

Goosen and Tuilevu were ok in the Outside Backs, but not spectacular. Outside Back is a lottery position really, if their team gets a lot of good ball out wide then they will have a field day, if the game is tight then they don't do anything. I'll stick with these two at this stage, although a rejuvenated Jeff Wilson is looking more attractive than Tuilevu at the moment!

OK so Harrison, Ormsby, McCaw and du Toit are out. With Hammet, Paul, Finegan and Brown coming in. I have one transfer up my sleeve which hopefully I can save, with the bye weeks coming up fast.

Check the Why? column below for more details.

Cones Crusaders (Rugbyheads Conference) Roster - Week #3 Super 12 2002
Tight Forward
Round Points
Total Points
Player Value
Change from Last week
Hammett, Mark CRU 0 0 $700,000
Harrison was too expensive to be underperforming so he's out. Hammett hasn't been stellar but his value for money can't be beat (he's $1m cheaper than Harrison!) and he pretty much has to play the entire match for the Crusaders.
Paul, Jeremy BRM 0 0 $1,520,000
Ormsby didn't fire last week and his team has a bye next weekend so I'll chuck him early and pick up the in form hooker, Paul. With the Brumbies likely to run riot again this week he may well pick up another try or two.
Sharpe, Nathan RED 0 0 $1,300,000
Not productive at all last week but will stick by him for now, can't afford too many more transfers. The Chiefs may well struggle against the Reds so Sharpe could get a lot of ball.
Loose Forward Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Finegan, Owen BRM 0 0 $1,617,000
McCaw is good but Finegan is better and the Brumbies are likely to run riot again while the Crusaders will have a tight one. Also I save a few $$ in the move.
Krige, Corne STM 0 0 $1,692,500
Krige can stay, he is the captain and has another home game. He's due a big one.
Inside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Burke, Matt WAR 0 0 $2,450,000
Delivered even better than expected! The player of the round with his kicking, defence and attacking play.
Brown, Tony HGH 0 0 $2,342,500
Tony has been hot (esp. in those sexy gloves), and the Highlanders may well thump the Cats in a similar fashion to what the Brumbies did last week. If so then I want some of that! (this is where Harrison's $1.7m went!!)
Bobo, Gcobani CAT 0 0 $1,145,000
Top inside back in the comp, and still a bargin, He can stay!
Outside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Bond, Graeme BRM 0 0 $1395,000
Goosen, Marius
LATE CHANGE: Goosen has been playing really well and was kicking goals but the Stormers lost last week and he seems to be the scapegoat, he's not even on the bench for the game against the Hurricanes! Suspecting the Brumbies will run riot over the Sharks I have opted for the best of their back 3 (with Walker out this week), Graeme Bond.
Tuilevu, Aisea HGH 0 0 $1,350,000
LATE NEWS: Tuilevu has been benched for the game against the Cats in favour of Ropati. Damn it, I don't have enough transfers to get rid of him and Goosen, hopefully he will get some game time.
Still hasn't had a big one like I know he can, maybe this week against the Cats? Bugger off Jeff, get back on your own wing and stop stealing Aisea's tries!!!

Let us know what you think!

Tee hee hee, my Crusaders-dominated team kicked you ass last week Jules!

307 points! In your face!!

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