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Canterbury do it again!!
Canterbury do it again!!
(Bright lights, big city, great win)
The red 'n' black machine rolls on. The dominance over Auckland continues. Isn't it great! : - )

Before I start gloating I would just like to reiterate my disgust at our supposedly national media. Sky Sports sux! Got 4 points to raise;

1. Who are the defending S12 champions?
2. Who had won 10 S12 games in a row?
3. Who was ahead at halftime?
4. Who actually won the game?

From Friday nights coverage you would have thought it was Auckland!

Of the commentary team at the game & in the studio we've already mentioned the 3 Waikato cretins. Add in renowned Auckland supporters Tony Johnston & the traitor South Islander Ian Smith (who used to play his cricket in Nelson) then it adds up to a well balanced, objective commentary.....NOT!

Sure, there isn't any love lost between Waikato & Auckland, but with those three aforementioned morons continually crapping on about Waikato even when they're not PLAYING and Auckland bigots still thinking the sun shines out of the collective Auckland players arseholes, then I'm afraid the match coverage will continue to be a pathetic mess when teams from the South are involved.

They have a perfectly capable Southern based commentator in Steve Davie who provides balanced reporting of both Otago & Canterbury games (he's an Otagoite), WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY FLY HIM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO COVER OUR GAMES! Either that or simply show some professionalism & provide some balanced commentary of the games.

C'mon guys, we know you hate Canterbury supporters, BUT GET OVER IT!

As a test if anyone taped the game listen again to the prematch talk, half time summary, match round up & general match commentary, keeping in mind the 4 points I raised above. If anyone can provide a good argument to refute my criticisms then please do so.

Anyway back to the game. The scrums where awful! Mainly because the Auckland front row couldn't handle Feek, Hammett & Somerville. I'm not gonna dwell on Mr Honnis's performance (that will be handled elsewhere). Let's just say he was crap! Auckland couldn't hack it, plain & simple.

Elsewhere the game was pretty even. Two excellent defensive teams cancelling each other out. Both set's of backs made the odd break, but defense really was the key.

Andrew Merhtens again provided the difference. His goal kicking & general play was once again supurb. He has to be the AB 1st five this season, no doubts about it. Canterbury's superior discipline providing Mehrt's with plenty of opportunities which he duly converted.

As well as the tight five overpowering their Auckland counterparts, our loose forward trio was generally first to the loose ball. Surridge thus far is having an outstanding season.

Of the Dork's, Vinderi had a top game, Carlos showed what a good utility player he could be for the AB's. Another to impress is Justin Collins. Mark Carter isn't fit to make the shoelaces that lace up his boots. With only 2 points from their first 2 games however they might be struggling to make the semi's, especially with trips to the Republic to come.

Any away win is hard in the S12. For the red 'n' blacks to come away from Eden Park with the 4 points in what was obviously a big occassion for the Dorks with the new stand & lights for the first time, was a HUGE effort (why else would 45,000 turn up in a city renowned for its apathy?).

Which of course makes victory that much sweeter! May the crusade continue!

Also good to see the Highlanders do well against the Northern Bulls. The South African sides are awful travelers! To score 60 odd points against the Currie Cup champions is just ridiculous.


Let us know what you think!

Hmm, that's a surprise, you didn't even mention that other wonderful SKY TV personality (from TAB Sports Cafe), Marc Ellis.
Not that surprising I guess, he seemed to be more intent on keeping out of camera shot so as to avoid getting a ribbing from Ric and co!
Shame about that bumbled bomb though eh Marc?

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