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Tune scalps the Chiefs
Tune scalps the Chiefs
(Reds defence accounts for the rudderless Chiefs)
Qld v Chiefs
Ballymore, Brisbane
7:30pm (Real time), Sat 9th March 2002
Referee: Jonathan Kaplan or I have an opinion Erickson
Qld 27 : Chiefs 13
11-3 at half time

It was a huge bonus for the Reds to find out that Deon Muir was not playing. The Reds must send a thankyou note to the T'ahs. I personally rate Muir for about 10 points a game either from his work in defence or offence as he keeps his team focused and pulls them into line with his discipline, leadership, and his playing skills. I was and still amazed that after last years Super 12 efforts that he didn't get national honours.

Well after those Kiwi pacifying comments on the Chiefs I best do my best to piss the Kiwi's off so they can keep sending me hate mail. Did I mention that I'm going to the 2003 RWC and I'll be seeing the games live in Brisbane? Now you lot should be fired up again.

Tune is back (now 3 weeks without injury), may it continue! Could this be the first year in ages that he goes through a season injury free? After his fantastic tour of Europe last year, Tune has carried the form in to this year's Super 12.

Tuney, Tuney Tuney opened his Super 12 try scoring account this weekend with his decisive running, speed, strength, defence and option taking, which made that funny league reject look ordinary. Hey McBain where's Nalatu? However, Tune didn't stop at one try for the night, he ran in his second at the end and he also played part in S. Kefu's try. What a night.

Robinson and Mr 'so far one dimension leg drive' traded handbags. I mean if you are going to get sinbinned for fighting you might at least draw claret. Simple Sailor then decided to continue on with the verbal all the way to the sideline to try and prove how tough he is. Yawn Yawn.

The Kefu brothers are providing plenty of options for the Qld side with their hard running style. Now how many years until the rest of the Kefu tribe start playing for Qld? For those that don't know there are about 3 other brothers. It's great to know that for years to come a Kefu will be playing in the Reds. Hell if the breeding continues in 30 years time the whole Qld side may be Kefu's.

On a side note it was nice to see Stiles shut the ###$ up and play rugby again. However, the lineouts and scrum still needs far more work.

For the Chiefs Holah and the R's in the backs played good games but they are still missing the leadership of Muir and the motivational efforts of a now national coach. Hopefully for the Chiefs supporters the weekend off will do their side wonders.

The Reds defence was again sensational and so far it has defiantly outshone their attacking ability. Arrgh when will the offence finally click and the Reds start taking full advantage of the entire try scoring opportunities they develop?

The game was scrappy and at one stage I wasn't exactly sure who was reffing but after watching the replay you could tell who was making the most influential decisions. Erickson doesn't like being on the sideline and it showed with plenty of comments for Mr Kaplan.

The constant trouble at the breakdowns, infringements and the occasional bad handling did its best to stifle a free flowing game. However, a win is a win and I look forward to the Reds getting it right this weekend.

From a Qld point of view I hope the Canterbury players remain injured ;) However, I am looking forward to the clash between Sharpe v Jack (or Eales and Blackadder if you are still in denial); the sharpshooting of Mehrtens (please run past me) v Flatley (who can tackle but doesn't have the domination of a match skill yet); Latham v MacDonald; and T. Kefu & Tune well versus the entire Crusaders.

The shrine has expanded with a lot more Qld players making their way on to the podium and they are receiving health shots of square bear. However, the jury is still out in regards to the wing, prop, hooking and the halfback spots and the voodoo doll collection may yet grow. (Well, it worked for Williams.)

Second week in a row that the Aussie sides have had a clean sweep. Alright it was only against 2 SA sides and the Chiefs but wins are wins! I mean the Crusaders did beat the Blues and the Stormers did beat the Hurricanes.


Let us know what you think!

You boys were lucky to get away with the win Geeves, play like that next week and my Crusaders will show you what attacking rugby looks like first hand!

As for Mr Tune I think you are getting carried away with his efforts just because he is actually playing. At best he's a poor man's Jeff Wilson, at worst he's injured!

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