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Crusaders vs Blues
Crusaders vs Blues
(Mehrtens kicks Blues Senseless)
Everything was perfectly set up for this game. The weather and a full house. And Honiss, how could we forget him? Thankfully nobody grabbed players by the collar.

Right from the kickoff, the Crusaders were into it, and never looked back. An early try to Aaron Mauger. This guy is brilliant. I cannot wait to see him against the Aussies in the Black jersey.

The rest of the first half was spent with the Blues defending and wondering what the ball looked like. During this time, the Blues conceded numerous penalties. Up stepped Mehrts, 3 pts thank you. He is such a class player, am I really saying this?

Anyway, the one name that stood out for the Blues when it came to penalties was Matua (get a brain) Parkinson. Is it too late to draft him? So the game was nearly over at half time. The Blues had been lucky to only concede one try. I expected the score to double in the 2nd half. But the Blues got some ball and go forward, amazing stuff. I was impressed with the work put in by the front row. And the forwards scrapped well, especially Action Man, Troy Flavell.

It seems he's more interested in getting the last biff, come point, in the forward battle, than on the scoreboard. He got plenty of encouragement from Jack and co, who were enjoying it. Problem was Troy forgot to look at the scoreboard.

As usual an Auckland import stepped up and bit them on the bum in the 2nd half. Brad Mika got the 2nd try. Did not enjoy his little celebration either. And if he comes back to mumma later in the season, look out! So the game meandered to the end. The Blues scored a deserved try and the Crusaders, realising they don't have the bye next week, just played out time. A great performance from a top team. The Blues have two weeks to get everyone fit. In this time I hope to see Caucaunibuca return and Justin Collins. I'm sure if Collins can get on the track, instead of Parkinson, things will improve. And put Arlidge at five eight and move Spencer to Fullback.


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Ah Paul Honis, widely regarded as the best Referee in the history of the game! (well I'm sure that's what Pdeb said in any case!)
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