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Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 6
Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 6
(Hore, you are a chump! )

Score last round: 306. Not exactly setting the world alight, and I'm now almost 300 pts behind conference leader Celtic Forever in the Rugbyheads conference, not completely out of it with 7 rounds to go, but still well off the pace. :(

In the tight Paul [22] and Van Humphries [36] were ok but Andrew Hore [-1] had a shocker! He had a good game in the lineouts but spoilt it all by giving away 4 penalties (well he is a Hurricane I guess) and 3 turnovers. Humphries can stay this week but I actually sold Paul (who is under and injury cloud) on Friday since the Brumbies have a BYE coming up, and I figure the Brumbies aren't going to have it all their own way this weekend against the Crusaders. Hore gets the flick now too, useless bugger. In come Maling and Hammett.

In the Loose Finegan [63] had another huge one, but I sold him for McCaw on Friday, again because they have a tough match coming up and then a BYE, but also because Finegan was worth a stack. Marty Holah [17] didn't deliver the big game I hoped for, but I'll stick with the two AB number 7s this week.

The Inside Backs were again solid. This week it was Ryan Nicholas who shined, but not for me. :(

Once the Bulls get past their BYE I think I'll be looking to continue the trend of stacking my team with their opponents as much as possible!

Brown [49] had a great game against the Bulls, although it could have been so much better if he hadn't missed 5 kicks! Burke [34] and Holwell [37] both were fine but not stellar. I won't make any changes here this week, Burke has a BYE next week but I think I'll hold onto him for this weekend.

Bond [14] finally had an average game, damn why did I still have him? Scott Staniforth [35] was much better, although his team mate Stcerbina was even better. crappy. I sold Bond on Friday too, as part of my Brumbies house cleaning exercise, and Staniforth has to go for next week in any case so he may as well go early. In come Howlett, and Sailor, who is due a blinder (and a try!), and what better motivation than playing Jonah!

Updated from earlier in the week

Check the Why? column below for more details.

Cones Crusaders (Rugbyheads Conference) Roster - Week #6 Super 12 2002
Tight Forward
Round Points
Total Points
Player Value
Change from Last week
hammett, mark CRU 0 0 $782,500
Hore, Andrew
Hore was a chump, he's out a here.
Maling, Simon HGH 0 0 $1,707,500
Paul, Jeremy
Paul gets sold, due to his high value, injury worries and upcoming BYE. Maling has been great, hopefully it continues at home against the Chefs.
Humphries, Van WAR 0 0 $675,000
Van Humphries is STILL the bargin of the torrnament at this point, why is he not on your team?? I'll have to replace him next week though as his team has a BYE
Loose Forward Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Mccaw, Richie CRU 0 0 $1,667,500
Finegan, Owen
Finegan, like Paul, gets the flick due to the coming BYE, and his high value. I'll probably grab him back in round 8 though. McCaw has his biggest Super 12 challenge yet, George Smith, I'm picking he will be up to it!
Holah, Marty CHF 0 0 $1,417,500
Krige, Corne
Holah gets another chance, slip up this time though mate and your even more outahere than I am! :)
Inside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Burke, Matt WAR 0 0 $2,450,000
A sure fire keeper, and his value as gone up accordingly.
Brown, Tony HGH 0 0 $2,342,500
Tony can stay this week.
Holwell, David HUR 0 $2,042,500
Holwell stays as long as the Hurricanes are at home.
Outside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Sailor, Wendell RED 0 0 $1,437,500
Bond, Graeme
See Finegan and Paul.... In comes Sailor, due a try this week surely!
Howlett, Doug BLU 0 0 $1,782,500
Staniforth, Scott
Staniforth has been great so far, but has a BYE next week. Rupeni wasn't right just yet but Dougie is!

Let us know what you think!

You can take comfort from the fact that your boys scored more fantasy points than my team last week Jules!

Although I think newly-wed Daryl Gibson might have been doing a bit of fantasy scoring during the BYE...

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