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Crusaders Vs. Brumbies at the Stade de Jade
Crusaders Vs. Brumbies at the Stade de Jade
(Preview for what should be a classic game of ruggers...)
Welcome to the biggest weekend of the Super 12. I know that there are a couple of other games of passable interest, but the Crusaders/Brumbies games has the potential to be the best or worst game of the season.

No matter what the result, as long as a hiding isn't handed out it should be a classic union game: A bloody hard forwards battle, with backs trying to better bruising defence.

But just quietly, you may not have noticed the cunning plan of the CRFU for hosting the Brumbies. We have learned something from the Sunday afternoon game against the Reds.

The heat of that day made it more a trial of human endurance. That doesn't mean that we can't repeat it for the Brumbies.

One must remember that the ACT can be even more miserably cold than Christchurch. So I think if we can organise a Nor'wester and 27 degrees they should be well and truly stuffed!

I can't say that I'm particularly looking forward to this game, mainly because it is the toughest of the season on paper. But the Crusaders are showing their best ever early season form, and certainly we have had the better of build-ups.

Its just that anytime you face a good Australian side you have to steel yourself. Not so much for a defeat, but more so for the fact that it would be a loss to Australians.

However I shouldn't overstate the case, and I'm certainly not worried about the prospect of winning!

Certainly there is keen interest in the game locally. It was reported on Wednesday that 28 thousand of the 36 thousand tickets are already sold. And with the recent cuts in trans-Tasman flights, it isn't 28 thousand Australians that will be swelling the grandstands of Jade Stadium!

Just a stray thought, a Crusaders win could be bad for us come the semi-finals. A loss would certainly give the Brumbies a timely wakeup call.

There has been a lot said about the Brumbies being a shoe-in to the finals, and it has also been mentioned that it is still a hard road ahead (see this article). If the Brumbies stub their toes at the first step, you can bet that they will have sorted themselves out in time for the finals.

Of course we could always play below our ability and let them win, and they may remain over confident and be smashed all the way to a "end of regular season" fourth place. And with this losing streak behind them, be further pummelled in the semi-finals!

OK plan C: Win against the Brumbies and hope that the Whatalaughs can dispatch them in the semis.

Hmmm... that could be harder to organise than a Nor'wester!

Go the Red and Blacks!!!!!!


Let us know what you think!

Let's just smash them and be done with it! Any good Crusaders fan is already pretty satisfied with the season, given we dorked the Blues yet again, so adding a Bambi scalp to the collection would make anything that happened from here on in a bonus!!

(like I believe that!)

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