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Canterbury go down!
Canterbury go down!
(At least they have been consistent the past few games)

Well Canterbury's NPC side's inconsistent year finally ended with a loss to an ever-improving North Harbour side on Saturday.

Our boys didn't really deserve a semi spot with the form they've shown so it is fitting that the 2 teams that have contributed to their downfall both have made the semi's.....Wellington & Harbour. One thing is for sure...Auckland's players will be jumping up in joy knowing their nemesis won't be their to end their NPC chances. It's really up to Harbour & however plays the Dorks in the final to ensure that they DON'T win again. Would have been good to make in 7 wins in a row against the old foe. Perhaps next year!! : - )

As I have mentioned before, despite the losses & inconsistent showing, this season has loads of positives for Canterbury rugby. Those talented VERY young players such as Chris Jack, Aaron Mauger, Ben Blair have all had a full season of NPC rugby at the age of around 19-20. With our 8 World Cup winning All Blacks back in the frame next season I think the depth that this season has created will put us in good stead future.

Continued rumours of Toddy's departure abound. Good on him I reckon. If anyhow deserves a couple of cash cow seasons to end his career in Japan then your man is Toddy!!!  What an inspirational he has been for the rugby province of Canterbury. We at RugbyHeads hope he doesn't go, but if he does then he deserves every success. The man has joined the Canterbury immortals....Grizz Wylie, Fergie McCormack & Rob Deans. In fact he has surpassed them!

For the semi's I would love to see Wellington do well so my money is on them. A North Harbour vs Wellington final at Athletic Park would be a great way to end the millennium for NPC rugby!!

As for us Cantabs??? Well we can end the millennium knowing that our province (& provincial neighbours making up the Crusader franchise) is the undisputed World Champion of provincial rugby......back to back S12 titles (the toughest provincial comp in the world) prove it.

Good luck Wellington.


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A final at Athletic Park??!!  Shit!  I never thought it could be possible. I'd better return that souvenir support beam I cut off the Millard stand with my trusty gas axe last night! 

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