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Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 8
Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 8
(Crusaders-power is what you needed)

Score last round: 384. That's more like it, a Crusaders-powered team (who feasted on the Bulls as suspected) was always going to do well this week. Obviously not everyone bought into that theory though as I moved up the overall standings hugely (up to 827), but I am still on the outside (looking in) of the top 10 in the RH conference.

In the Tight Forwards, all 3 of my guys got on the Board and scored around their average. Louw [27], Maling [33] and Maxwell [23]. Maxwell only played half a game unfortunately, as the result was out of doubt by half-time, fortunately he still got some work in. I'm selling Maling in favour of Humphries though, just because of $$ really, but also the Highlanders have a bye coming up.

Young AB Loosies Holah [26] and Mccaw [55] both had good games, but the difference was that McCaw got to run with the backs against the Bulls on a few occasions, and was rewarded with a try and some BD stats. They can both stay this week.

As usual the Inside Backs were big producers. Flatley [49] and Mauger [59] had huge games, and Holwell [27] was pretty solid in a relatively quiet game. Holwell and Mauger make way for Aussie superstars Burke and Mortlock this week, and both those guys will be keepers from here on in I suspect.

There was a lot of points to be had in the Outside Backs this week, unfortunately I only hit pay dirt with one of my guys, Leon MacDonald [72]. The other guy is still struggling to find the try line, and played in a game with 9 tries without getting one. Yes, sadly I had Wendell Sailor [13]. I'll keep him though, as the Bulls are coming to town for big Dell, surely he can break the drought. (I have said that before I know...). The other spot goes to Chris Latham, a hat-trick from him against the Bulls will fine thanks.

Check the Why? column below for more details.

Cones Crusaders (Rugbyheads Conference) Roster - Week #8 Super 12 2002
Tight Forward
Round Points
Total Points
Player Value
Change from Last week
Louw, Hottie STM 0 0 $1347,500
Louw has been one of the top locks in the Comp so far.
Humphries, Van WAR 0 0 $727,500
Maling, Simon
It's all about the $$.
Maxwell, Norm CRU 0 0 $1545,000
Mad Max, how about you play the whole game this week eh?
Loose Forward Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Mccaw, Richie CRU 0 0 $1,667,500
Holah, Marty CHF 0 0 $1,417,500
Holah can stay, the Chiefs are on a winning streak, and they will need all his ballstealing skills on their tour of the Republic
Inside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Burke, Matt WAR 0 0 $2,455,000
Mauger, Aaron
Burke is back from the BYE
Flatley, Elton RED 0 0 $2,202,500
TFlatley has been in fine form now he gets to pick on the Bulls
Mortlock, Stirling BRM 0 $2,512,500
Holwell, David
Mortlock is the top producer in the comp. nuff said.
Outside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Sailor, Wendell RED 0 0 $1,437,500
Come on Sailor you loser,you are due at least one try this week surely!
Latham, Chris RED 0 0 $1605,000
Macdonald, Leon
Macdonald had a huge one, as predicted but he's not playing the Bulls again this week, and Latham is! :)


Let us know what you think!

And if you had a full team of Crusaders you could have scored close to 500 like I did!

You just don't learn do you Jules...

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