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Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 9
Fantasy Rugby: Super 12 2002, Round 9
(Bull, the perfect FR diet...)

Score last round: 453 ( 15 for the 4 try bonus). Woo hoo! Now we are cooking. The climb up the standings continues, I'm now 5th in the Rugbyheads Conference, and 345th overall, sweet. The theory of stacking your team with Bulls opponents paid off yet again, and it will be one that I stick too for the rest of the season I think.

In the Tight Forwards, all 3 of my guys got on the Board and scored at least their average. Louw [32], Humphries [25] and Maxwell [41]. Maxwell in particular was very good, but I'm giving him the flick this week in favour of the highest paid TF in the game, Troy Flavell. No prizes for guessing who his Blues team are playing this week. ;-)

Young AB Loosies Holah [50] and Mccaw [26] had a similar total score to last week, but this time round Holah had the 50 game. I will probably hold onto them both I think, although swapping McCaw for Finegan is tempting. I don't want to waste transfers though so I'll make that call later in the week.

As usual the Inside Backs were big producers. Flatley [56] feasted on the Bulls, and Burke [25] and Mortlock [38] still produced even though their teams didn't have easy games. These two guys face each other this week so should both be up for a big game, but given the announcement that Carlos will be playing first-five against the Bulls (and kicking goals) I have dropped Burke in favour of Carlos.

With no noted goal kickers in the outside backs it seems that going for try scorers here is the only way to go, and what better guys to grab than the guys who are playing the Bulls! I got this bang on this week, with Latham [76] and Wendell [84] both scoring two each and breaking the line with regularity. Lovely! I have already traded Sailor in on his Blues equivalent, Howlett, and likewise with Latham for Muliaina.

Check the Why? column below for more details.

Cones Crusaders (Rugbyheads Conference) Roster - Week #9 Super 12 2002
Tight Forward
Round Points
Total Points
Player Value
Change from Last week
Louw, Hottie STM 0 0 $1347,500
Louw has been one of the top locks in the Comp so far.
Humphries, Van WAR 0 0 $727,500
in terms of FP for $$, he's hard to beat.
Flavell, Troy BLU 0 0 $1,710,000
Maxwell, Norm
Mad Max ain't playing the Bulls, Troy is... :)
Loose Forward Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Mccaw, Richie CRU 0 0 $1,667,500
Holah, Marty CHF 0 0 $1,417,500
Holah can stay, the Chiefs get to play a SA team at home this week, the Stormers.
Inside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Spencer, Carlos BLU 0 0 $1,722,500
Carlos returns at first-five, and goal-kicker, against the Bulls....yum yum
Flatley, Elton RED 0 0 $2,202,500
Flatley has been in fine form
Mortlock, Stirling BRM 0 $2,512,500
Mortlock is the top producer in the comp. nuff said.
Outside Back Team Round Points Total Points Player Value
Howlett, Doug BLU 0 0 $1,437,500
Sailor, Wendell
Thanks for finally producing Windhole, now make way for Dougie Howser MD!
Muliaina, Mils BLU 0 0 $1,350,000
Latham, Chris
Mils plays the Bulls...


Let us know what you think!

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