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Societies Double Standards - Mehrts vs Ridge
Societies Double Standards - Mehrts vs Ridge
(What can your kids learn form these two)
Right, I would just like to have my say (and perhaps by now you will know that I like doing that) about something that irritates the hell out of me.

This may be a redundant subject for most of you (and hell it is for me too but I need it for this story dammnit!), but in May this year after a fantastic (yes I have a Canterbury bias) drop goal in the last moments of the game against the Northern Bulls, Andrew Mehrtens of the Canterbury Crusaders (I told you I have a bias already!) felt it appropriate to salute the crowd and show his appreciation for their loving, caring support.

Well didn’t the number twos’ hit the fan... “concerned” parents and citizens New Zealand over felt it necessary to label Mehrts irresponsible, a bad influence on their innocent little kiddies; even worse they felt it appropriate to put pen to paper resulting in stacks of letters flooding editors everywhere complaining about the “down right cheek of those (insert naughty word) sportsmen, think they can get away with murder, no morals, grumble, grumble, moan, moan......”, yawn!!

Well excuse me, where were the parent groups when Matthew Ridge and his antics got him into trouble on the league field the other weekend resulting in him being sent off AGAIN for dirty play?

Might I add the first game he was playing after serving an earlier suspension for foul play? Nowhere in sight!! So far I have seen NO evidence of a public outcry at what Ridge did and I doubt there will be anything.

Exactly why, I am not sure, I can only chalk it up to double standards, or perhaps more kiwis are likely to be watching The Crusaders kicking butt in South Africa than watching a game of league (and shucks I wouldn’t blame them!!).

THEN (note excessive font size) to add insult to injury there was Ridge on Holmes whinging and moaning and confessing his remorse for what he had done; he even had the gumption to bring the wife and kids along to try and get our sympathy!! Sorry it just doesn’t work for me. No disrespect to Matthew Ridge, but mate why don’t you just keep your hands (and your feet for that matter) to yourself and concentrate on playing a decent game instead of seeing how many penalties you can chalk up in one Auckland Warriors Rugby League season?

As for all you hypocritical parents out there why don’t you put more weight on the foul and potentially dangerous play of Matthew Ridge and stop picking on Mehrts for a gesture that I am afraid most of your children already know? I mean I sure as heck knew what flipping the bird was when I was a kindergarten rugrat. Certainly I would rather see, and have my child see (no I don’t have any I’m speaking, what’s the word, rhetorically?) Andrew Mehrtens celebrating a victory with a quick gesture at the down right disrespectful Loftus Versefeld crowd then watch Matthew Ridge getting a telling off (then being SENT off the paddock) for giving some bloke, among other things, a facial (my god who thinks up these names, an Avon Makeup Lady?!)

Oh yeah, this has absolutely nothing to do with the above story (Alright! A tangent! There goes my train of thought! No pun intended). But I would just like to congratulate, yes congratulate, our under 21 boys on a fantastic season. Paul Tito you did a brilliant job as Captain (yes I know your supposed to call him the skipper but that sounds a little naff to me). And if it hadn’t been for that bloody ref (I say, if in doubt, blame the ref) our lads would certainly have come top of the table. But take comfort in this little thought...you bet the Aussies!!!

Woohoo mad cheering and ecstatic applause!!, hey I can make a lot of noise if I want too!!


Let us know what you think!

Well said Kerri, although I suspect (and you mention) the reason Ridge didn't get the same hassle that Mehrts did is because the Crusaders kick ass and the Warriors suck!!!

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